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coffee makers made in usa

coffee makers made in usa

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Coffee Makers Made in USA:
All about Coffee Machines for Office and your Home
Urban civilization has typical, world recognized marks: ATMs, traffic jams and espresso coffee machines. The list of typical marks is not over, but no one would doubt that commercial coffee machines have become one of the tokens of modern life. We need to stay focused, we need to have enough energy and most of us, thinking about giving a new life to the working day, comes to the closest coffee vending machine and changes coins for the doze of caffeine.

coffee makers made in usa

coffee makers made in usa

coffee makers made in usa

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Not all available coffee makers today are very high in quality as lots can be easily damaged and might be not working well.
I recommend read our reviews


The Bunn CWTF15-3 Automatic Coffee Maker

Bunn CWTF15


Bunn Home Brewing System


Breville BDC600XL (HWI/Breville USA)


hamilton beach coffee maker


Hamilton Beach 40515 42-Cup Coffee Urn


best k cup brewer keurig k45

12 cup coffee maker mr coffee

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Cuisinart DCC-1200 Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC-1200 – An Intelligent Coffee Maker

cuisinart dcc-1200 coffee maker

cuisinart dcc-1200 coffee maker

If you would like to impress your guests with delicious cup of coffee every time but you do not want to spend beyond $100 on the espresso machine, Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central Coffee Maker would be worth spending every cents on it.

Since major ingredient of coffee is water, the quality of the water is very crucial in determining the quality of the coffee. If there is any impurity present in the source water, it is going to spoil the taste of the coffee. This issue have been very well and economically addressed in Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. Cuisinart has added a charcoal water filter to Cuisinart DCC-1200.This charcoal water filter removes chlorine all sorts of other impurities and bad odours from the, you get purest coffee cup after cup.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker fitted shower head distributes the water evenly over the coffee to arrest the temperature loss as water passes through the grounds and you get a hot piping coffee every time.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker Auto On feature is used to program the start time of the brew cycle. This feature can be set any time during the day. The Auto Off feature is used to switch off the coffeemaker at your preferred time anywhere from 0 to 4 hours. In case, in any busy morning, if you forget to switch off your Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker, you need not bother since this will do the job for you. This feature also helps you to save the electricity.

One major criteria for coffee being served is it needs to be hot. Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker heater plate control knob does this job for you. There are three settings high, medium and low for controlling the temperature of the coffee after brewing.

In case you need small amount of coffee(1-4 cup), you need to press 1-4 setting button. Unlike other normal coffee makers, Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker does not produce colder batch of coffee when small amount of coffee is requested. This 1-4 setting basically “double heats” the water to deliver you hot piping coffee whenever you need it. The retro style flip switch is used to turn your Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker on and off. This feature works in tandem with the function knob.

It’s brew pause functionality would allow you to put your cup in between the brewing cycle. However, Cuisinart recommends to finish off the brewing cycle before coffee can be poured in because the flavour extraction rate varies during the brewing cycle. Once the brewing cycle is over, it is better to stir it to blend the flavour.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker Clean setting warns you when there is time to clean the coffee maker. It’s ready tone signals the end of brew cycle with five beeps.

cuisinart dcc-1200 brew central 12-cup programmable coffeemaker

cuisinart dcc-1200 brew central 12-cup programmable coffeemaker

Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker Pros:

  •  The first and most vital positive point is Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker makes excellent hot piping coffee within few minutes.
  •  There are loads of features which are programmable, so from the user friendly point of view, Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker proves itself a great coffee maker.
  •  Unlike other coffee machines, this coffee does not make much noise.
  •  Cuisinart DCC-1200 carafe is solidly constructed and fits securely in square body. This ensures there’s no chance of someone accidentally knocking it loose. Since the lid fits tightly, the pour is precisely narrow and smooth, with no side leaks even when the pot is full.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker Cons:

Though Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker has been a very successful product from Cuisinart, there have been few minor improvement areas.

The first point is the design feature of it’s lid. Condensation occurs under/inside the lid. So, when you lift the lid to do anything, the water resulted from the condensation can get mixed up with the freshly brewed coffee, leaving an impact on the test of the coffee.
There is another point commonly mentioned is the size and design of the reservoir. There have been some discussions around the paper filter. In order to get better results, you may choose to use Cuisinart GTF-B Gold Tone Coffee Filter.

Should you buy Cuisinart DCC-1200 Coffee Maker?

Finally what we can say is Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker is one of the most intelligent coffee makers and absolutely worth buying it. This coffee maker offers bunch of programmable features which can even be programmed by a novice user. Most importantly, you are now getting this coffee maker at 55% discount. As on date, there are 3547 user reviews for Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker still it has managed to get a average product review rating close to 4 out of 5.

Caution: We absolutely recommend Cuisinart DCC-1200 coffee Maker!


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The Benefits of the Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Benefits of the Single Cup Coffee Maker

coffee lover
Everyone in my family and co-workers know how much I love my coffee. I am not just the occasional or one – cup coffee drinkers. I literally drink coffee almost all day long. I know that probably is not the healthiest of things, but everyone has their bad habits. Regardless, that does not mean that I avoid the single cup coffee maker. In fact, I consider it the best thing ever invented because I use mine that much! Below are some of the things I really like about mine.

First off, it eliminates wastefulness. I have to go to the office five days a week. At the same time, just a few years ago I would get up and create a whole pot of coffee before jumping into the shower. The problem was that I am the only one who drinks coffee in my house most of the time. So I would drink my one or two cups in the morning, but the rest would be going down the drain. Being someone who recycles on a regular basis, I simply hate wastefulness. The single cup coffee maker fixed this problem.

Secondly, it quickly started saving me money. As mentioned above, I had a lot of money going down the drain, literally. Now days, I simply turn on my single cup coffee maker and in return I have just the right amount of coffee to start the day. No longer do I allow any of it to go down the drain. I would say on average I am spending several dollars less per week in coffee expenses than I had beforehand. This allows me the opportunity to spend that money elsewhere, which is something I definitely like to have as an option!

coffee lover

The benefits are also that the single cup coffee maker is far simpler than any other old coffee maker I have used. I have small packets that have my beans and things in them and I simply fill up my single cup coffee maker with them, turn it on, and in just a few minutes I have some wonderful tasting coffee. Not only that, but I consider it far less dangerous to use.

I have had more than a few scares of almost spilling lava temperature coffee on me as I would try to pour it into a cup. The single cup coffee maker gives me the right amount in the cup without the need to move it from one container to another. It eliminates most of the risk of me hurting myself, which in these days it seems to be pretty common.

Coffee maker for camping can allow you to indulge yourself perfect coffee

best reliable coffee makers

Philips coffee maker is one of the many fruits of the labor of Philips Company. They have a wide variety of household appliances, gadgets and personal utilities. There is no doubt that they deserve the pedestal they are on.

Most people practically own one or two Philips product. And most of them experienced what this company boasts of—sense and simplicity.

This is the same tagline that they have incorporated in their coffee makers. Every Philips coffee brewer is engineered to give flavorful coffee that people cannot simply get from other coffee makers. This is most likely what they are concentrating on—the flavor of the coffee their Philips coffee makers brew.

Their most popular coffee maker is the Philips Senseo coffee maker. It actually has evolved in countless ways and the company has introduced different Senseo product models.

reliable coffee maker
Philips Senseo HD7810/6 5-cup Coffee Maker

This coffee brewer is so exceptional that some consumers playfully labeled it as “senseo-sational”. Philips stayed true to their sense and simplicity tagline because the look and design of this model is unique and an eye-candy. There are no over-the-top buttons and fancy mechanical maneuvering that is bordering on being over-kill.

You would love how simple the look is. You would love it more because of how good the coffee tastes—flavorful and aromatic (as most consumers will attest to). It is also a tad more convenient than the others, it has fast brewing cycle and the clean-up process is practically a breeze.

Some people got this for free, probably from some kind of promo. But otherwise, the price is within a reasonable budget.
Philips Senseo HD7832 Coffee Maker

It slightly resembles the above-mentioned Senseo model in looks and design. The color is different, though because this comes in silver that looks like it is made from stainless steel.

It makes flavorful gourmet coffee in record time. There is a wide selection of gourmet coffee to choose from. Other people may find it slightly expensive but when you compare it to other “more popular” brands, this is actually less expensive.

Consumers also like how easy it is to clean and how sturdy the parts are. If you are mulling over the idea of purchasing a single serve coffee maker, try this.

So here are their best-sellers and why they are the best sellers. There is no doubt that Philips coffee brewer, especially their Senseo product line is one of the best in the market today.

Taking its entire essentials into consideration, Philips coffee maker is undeniably a value. A value for your money and time.

If you want the perfect espresso you should really invest in a good quality burr grinder.
The bodum bistro burr grinder is a good choice if you have a budget under $150.

Newco your first coffee maker

newco coffee maker
There are so many things to love about Newco coffee makers. This may not be your first choice when you are scouring the market for great coffee makers but there a lot of things to love about their coffee makers.

Newco Coffee Makers are manufactured by Newco Enterprise. This company was born in Missouri some time in 1974. Their experience runs deep when it comes to making beverage equipments. And although they are not as popular as Mr. Coffee or Bunn or Braun, they do boast of quality manufactured coffee makers where every item has been primped to achieve perfection.

Newco Enterprises Inc location

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They also prioritize the safety of their consumers which is why they make sure that all of their coffee makers are safe to use and with no mechanical failures.

When we look at it closely, the quality of Newco coffee makers is as good as those brands we often hear nowadays. They have what it takes to compete in this market.

Newco Coffee Makers
So what are they offering us? Let us take a look at newco coffee brewers and find out what makes them worth buying.
Newco OCS-8

This thermal carafe has been deemed as the best thermal carafe in the market by some experts and those who have bought this model. This is because it has all the right features that most people are looking for in a thermal carafe. Plus, its convenience and efficiency is backed by a certification from Specialty Coffee Association of America. This model really has the heavy guns to prove its worth.

It can brew coffee up to a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit for those people who like their coffee hot. The carafe also keeps the coffee hot for many hours. The coffee it brews is a flavorful, smooth tasting coffee.

newco coffee maker

newco coffee maker

It is actually a bit more expensive than its competitors but many consumers prize this purchase because of its functionality so there are absolutely no regrets in buying it.
Newco KBLDF Coffee Maker

If you want a big water reservoir, then this one is for you. It has a bottled water reservoir that can make it a lot more convenient for you. That is one less work—you do not have to go to the constant trouble of refilling your water reservoir.

There are a lot of Newco coffee brewers designs and models—even Newco tea brewer. They really have a wide variety to choose from. Most of their coffee makers are more expensive than its competing brands but you can really see that every single one of them is etched with quality and efficacy. Every feature has a purpose and it makes your coffee making experience better and more convenient.

Newco coffee makers really give a different kind of coffee experience if you ask me. So try this brand out and experience that coffee experience we have been speaking of.

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coffee in the morning with keurig coffee maker

coffee in the morning with keurig coffee maker


coffee in the morning

coffee in the morning

How many times have we heard about Keurig coffee makers?—countless. Its popularity stems from the fact that Keurig Company makes top of the line coffee makers, one of the best of its kind in this day and age.

If you have just been converted into a coffee enthusiast and you would like to know more about this brand and what makes them worth buying, then read on for edifying pieces of information. These perks came from customers who have tried Keurig single cup coffee maker and Keurig home brewing system.

1. Speed—whatever you find lacking in Keurig coffee brewers, it will make up in its speed. It really makes coffee fast. Other people even say it makes coffee faster than you can sing happy birthday.

2. Flavor—it makes flavorful coffee. A huge part of the flavor of coffee depends on the coffee grounds you used. But whether or not you are using cheap, pre-ground coffee or expensive freshly ground coffee, it still elevates the taste with its great brewing mechanism.

3. Convenient—being an automatic machine, it boasts of convenience. You can set the timer up, just like setting your alarm clock and the machine will do the rest for you. It also has automatic shut off feature which shuts down when it is not in use for 2 hours.

4. Filter system—It has replaceable coffee filter but Keurig offers reusable coffee filters that you can easily buy anywhere. While some coffee makers have filters that can be a challenge to find a replacement, this one doesn’t.

5. Price — You will love the price as much as you will love the coffee it brews. It is affordable, most of them are just under a hundred dollars. They also come with a warranty.

6. Easy to clean—which coffee lover does not want a machine that is relatively easy to clean? This machine saves you the time and effort of fussing over the cleaning process. It is not messy so you will have little cleaning to do.

Considering all these things Keurig coffee makers can give us, it is safe to say that they are worth buying. After all, it has the necessary features that one needs when using coffee makers.

I don’t know about you but I find Keurig coffee makers ideal. It is little wonder why they have such a great number of loyal customers. So should you ever get around into replacing your old coffee maker, try Keurig.

the steps to make best coffee!