12 cup coffee maker mr coffee

By | October 27, 2013

12 cup coffee maker mr coffee

12 cup coffee maker mr coffee

12 cup coffee maker mr coffee

Mr. Coffee is an American brand that manufactures the best 12 cup coffee maker. Although Mr. Coffee has a huge range of products launched in the market but this particular one catches away all the attention. Its model number is CG12. It is a coffee maker that brews twelve cups of coffee at a time.

This is a simple switch coffee maker and gets you freshly brewed coffee with the touch of just a button. This serves as a great help to make morning coffee for your whole family just within five minutes. It is extremely efficient when you have dinner parties at your place.

You can always turn it on the moment you wake up and indulge in other activities, because it has an indicator which will glow and an alarm that will notify when the coffee is done. This is where it is time saving.


The reason why Mr coffee 12 cup coffee maker is so popular is because of its feature of Pause and serve. This is a special button on the coffee maker which allows you to pour cups of coffee even when the brewing is in process. You do not need to wait for the whole time and get 12 cups coffee maker all at once.

The glass flask where it brews the coffee has a measuring scale which you can fill up according to your needs. The water reservoirs have water windows from where you can see and control the level of water that you pour into it.

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Filter basket and water reservoirs are removable hence easy to clean up. There is no trouble of cleaning up of messy coffee grounds because the coffee maker does everything.

Other attractive features of this 12 cup coffee maker:

Mr Coffee CG12 comes in a primary colour of white. Other colours will be soon commenced. The product is very handy and fits in a very small area even under your cupboards.

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The size dimensions are 8.7 x 12.2 x 10.5 inches respectively for Length, breadth and height. You can have nicely filtered coffee with your normal drinkable tap water. It does not require mineral water for any better results.

It has a silencer attached at its bottom which helps to absorb any noise that might occur during the machine’s working time. It has a very good quality of keeping your coffee hot until you turn off the 12 cup coffee maker.
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This 12 cup coffee maker is not very high priced. Even more so some of the online shops offer exciting discount prices on the product which makes it all the more affordable. One such online website is walmart.com. The Wal-Mart online shop sells CG12 at a discount amount of $16.88 for 12 cup coffee maker which is very less than the actual retail price.

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Generally they also provide free shipping. They contact your nearest store in collaboration and they transfer your purchased product to that store for your comfort. From the recent review held in USA shows that Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffee maker is the choice of maximum coffee lovers who use coffee makers in their homes.
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