24-hour programmable single serve coffee maker

By | April 21, 2016

Characteristics of a Gevalia Programmable Single Serve Coffee Maker

gevalia programmable single serve coffee maker
The Gevalia programmable single serve coffee maker is ideal for brewing a single cup of coffee directly into the mug of the user. This coffee maker, as the name suggests, can be programmed to deliver the cup of coffee in accordance with the user’s specifications within a short period of time. coffee percolator info & faqs

This coffee maker, like all other products in the same category, is extremely helpful as it is not only efficient but also time saving. These two attributes come in handy particularly in the mornings when an individual is usually short of time and is rushing about in an effort to complete the daily chores. In such a situation, this technological innovation just needs to be programmed and the morning cup of coffee is ready without the individual putting in any more efforts.

24-hour programmable single serve coffee maker

Coffee is an important stimulant for a person who has a long day ahead and therefore a good brand of a single cup coffee maker is an imperative requisite. This is because one seldom has the time to drink more than a cup of coffee and therefore making coffee in a carafe would not only be a waste of time but also be a drain on the precious resource of the coffee grind. In addition, since the single cup coffee maker brews coffee within the mug itself it saves the hassle of pouring from one container to another thus preventing spillage and staining.

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The Gevalia programmable single serve coffee maker has been manufactured with the application of the latest technology related to coffee making machines and some of its features are a 24-hour programmable timer, the pause feature as well as the multi-size capability.

The advantage of a 24-hour programmable timer is that the machine can be programmed to brew fresh coffee at several times during the day. This feature is not only useful at home but also in the office when it is possible to enjoy a steaming hot cups of coffee during the coffee break without having to brew it yourself. In addition, the programmable feature enables the user to program the machine for more than a single cup of coffee so that the entire day’s requirements are taken care of.

The Gevalia single serve coffee maker is fitted with a pause feature as well which enables the user to put the machine on pause in between the brewing cycle and grab a cup of coffee. This is an advantage over other machines since one is not required to wait for the completion of the cycle in order to enjoy a cup of coffee.

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