A Great Option Espresso Machine For Home

By | May 4, 2015

krups xp5220 espresso machine
Krups 5220 A Great Option Espresso Machine For Home

The Krups 5220 is a pump espresso coffee machine. The device offers the company’s precise tamp technology along with a stainless steel control panel. The device can accommodate either ground coffee, pods or soft pods. The black design will fit well in almost any kitchen. It offers many advantages for the individual wanting to make espresso in the home.

The manufacturer has included a 15 bar pump in this system. The removable filler tank allows for easy cleaning. The 1400 watt thermoblock provides plenty of heat to quickly brew one’s favorite morning cup of espresso. A steam wand allows the user to create cappuccinos and other steamed drinks.

krups xp5220 espresso machine
Unlike many other home espresso models, this machine is extremely quiet and free of vibrations. There is no need to hold the cup in place while the device is brewing. Owners will be free to start the brew and walk away, even to another room without any fears of the cup shaking off onto the floor. One disadvantage noted by consumers is that the brew time may be longer than normal, in comparison with other machines.

One of the best features of this machine is its auto tamping system. The system allows the user to set the device for one or two cups. Once set, add the specified amount of coffee and allow the machine to exert the exact amount of pressure needed to tamp the coffee for a perfect cup. The user no longer has to wonder if he has tamped the grounds too much or too little. Most find that with a little practice, they are able to measure the right amount so the finished product has a uniform taste every day.

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Unlike other machines by this manufacture the metal behind the drip tray has been encased. This eliminates the problem of rusted metal. In addition, the entire drip tray and collection cup pull out to empty spills and make cleaning easier than ever.

The frothing wand appears to be as sturdy as most other machines. According to user reviews, the device makes a good froth very easily. With many pump machines developing a good froth can be difficult, but the manufacturer seems to have overcome this problem.

Consumers will find this espresso maker is moderate in price. While less expensive than many of the top brands available that cost hundreds of dollars, it is more expensive than many of the lower end models. It is an excellent alternative for individuals who are serious about both espressos and Americano’s but unwilling to spend the cash for a top end model.

When shopping for a new espresso maker, consumers might want to consider the Krups 5220. While the price is more than most steam espresso makers as well as many lower end pump machines, the product appears better than most in a similar price range and below. It is quiet to operate and practically vibration free. It offers an excellent frothing wand for cappuccinos and other fancy steamed drinks. Most consumers will find this machine a good value that allows them to enjoy espresso at home whenever they want.

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