a unique flavor for everyone

By | April 29, 2014

A Unique Flavor for Everyone

Hard to please coffee drinker. The more different and unique, the better the gourmet coffee. Coffee drinkers have diverse taste expectancy. The coffee industry is more than willing to provide coffee drinkers with their every desire. Of course, a happy customer is a return customer. Coffee drinkers have favorite coffee retailers and we coffee drinkers are extremely loyal. When we like our gourmet coffee, we stay with that coffee retailer for years, often longer. What is so nice about flavored gourmet coffee is that there is a taste for everyone.

Some days I am a Caramel Mocha: some days I am a Chocolate Mint. I also noticed in my gourmet coffee experiences that a specific might be called something different according to the coffee retailer: Chocolate Mocha tastes and smells exactly like White Chocolate. Coffee retailers enjoy being unique. One coffee retailer I am familiar with once said that if you, as a coffee drinker, remember that odd sounding, unique gourmet coffee name, then you will remember where you got that experience and be a repeat customer.

One day I decided to calculate how much money I spend annually on my gourmet coffee drinks from the gourmet coffee shop down on the corner. I then calculated how much I would spend on making my own morning cup of Java. I was shocked: by purchasing my own gourmet coffee beans and then making my own cup of Java at my own home, I would save roughly $789 US annually! By skipping my morning cup of delight from the corner Java shop for a decade, I could actually afford to put that down on my dream house. Amazingly, more and more people are investing that daily five dollars to buy themselves a gourmet specialty coffee.

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As if that was not enough, I decided that I would actually lose weight by making my own gourmet coffee. The specialty coffee shops add lots of little calories here and a little more there. I use Fat Free milk at home: the coffee shop uses Whole Milk. I use less sugar than they do at the gourmet coffee shop: I feel guilty adding so much to my own creation. I found specialty creamers that made my home-brewed gourmet coffee taste as good, if not better, than the gourmet coffee shops special blend. I was even able to purchase gourmet coffee beans from the coffee shop.

Tips on Making the Best Gourmet Coffee Video

Gourmet Specialty Coffee The Taste of Perfection.
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