Why switch to Fair Trade and Organic Coffees?

By | April 5, 2014

Why switch to Fair Trade and Organic Coffees?
(info for coffee lovers about fair trade coffee)

There are several reasons why coffee lovers should switch to fair trade and organic coffees. Fair Trade coffee is also called equal exchange coffee. When a coffee is labeled as coming from Fair Trade, this means that the coffee was bought under fair conditions.

about fair trade coffee

about fair trade coffee

To be certified by the TransFair USA, a coffee importer must meet strict international criteria. Some of these criteria include: buying from small farmers included in the International Fair Trade Coffee Register; providing credit to farmers; and agreeing to develop long-term relationships with Fair Trade coffee distributors.

Meanwhile, an organic coffee is a coffee which has been grown organically. This means that it was grown without the use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Growing coffee organically is one way to help protect the environment. Because most organic coffees are shade-grown coffees, many forests are preserved, thus preserving the habitats of many animals especially the birds.

Also, because organic coffee is chemical-free, they are good for our health. However, many coffee lovers are hesitant to try Fair Trade and organic coffees because of the notion that they are more expensive. Comparing the pros and cons, it is still a good decision to switch to Fair Trade and organic coffees.

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