about travel coffee makers portable

By | October 27, 2013

about travel coffee makers portable

Travel Coffee Makers

travel coffee makers portable

travel coffee makers portable

Coffee lovers never need more coffee as when they travel. With the differences in time zones around the world, few people have the time or the inclination to search an unknown neighborhood for a cup of brew in the exact brand and style they are used to. This is where travel coffee makers come in. Rather than waiting for and guessing what kind of coffee the hotel you are staying in has in store for you, why not remove all the guess work and take matters, literally, into your own hands with a coffee maker made for travellers.
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When packing for an airplane trip, make sure you take all the essentials. This includes, along with the main coffee maker, the travel coffee makers’ coffee filter system, a small unopened pack of coffee grounds and your own bottle of mineral water. Some airport customs officials don’t let opened packs of products through in certain airports. Also, if you are traveling to a foreign country, it is best to take your own mineral water, as even hotel tap water may not be potable, causing you to have to buy some water in unfamiliar settings.

The time differences in the countries you decide to travel to will make you grateful for traveling coffee makers. Imagine having to be up and working at what would normally be your bedtime. Remember that since travel coffee makers are designed to be portable, you may accidentally purchase the kind which plugs into your car cigarette lighter’s twelve volts. Also, inquire online or at your travel agency what shape and voltage your plug needs to be in the country you are planning to go to. It makes no sense to meticulously prepare your coffee accessories only to find out you have the wrong kind of plug.

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Find coffee makers made for traveling online and search for great features. The pause and serve allows you to pour yourself a cup even as the machine brews. Travel coffee makers come in two, four, six, eight, ten or twelve cups to choose from. Some great coffee makers for traveling are the MarinePro, the Black and Decker DCM21C, the RoadPro, the Lentek Koolatron PC10, Home Pride, Rival, La Pavoni Velox, Zelco Brisk Brew 15001 and the Black and Decker RPCM-1012.

Travel coffee makers designed for road trip are fitted with a twelve-volt plug made to fit into your car cigarette lighter. Rather than a carafe, car coffee makers usually come with mugs that should fit right into your car cup holder, and are spill proof. Remember to stabilize your coffee maker when you decide to brew yourself a cup. Do not brew coffee while driving. Pull over at the nearest rest stop or gas station and position the coffee maker on the floor of the passenger side of the car.

Tempting as it may be, don’t prop your coffee maker on the passenger seat as this can cause first degree burns if it spills. Sealable vacuum bags that fit into your glove compartment easily will be a good storage place for your favorite ground coffee beans. Try and find a small scoop to put in with the grounds so you don’t hunt around for a spoon at the last minute.

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These types of appliances made for traveling are designed for your convenience and not the other way around. Life is supposed to be easier, not harder, so get the most handy machine on the market that does the job of making a good cup of coffee for you, with the least amount of cleaning required.
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