best automatic drip coffee makers

By | August 22, 2013

best automatic drip coffee makers

best automatic drip coffee makers

best automatic drip coffee makers

Kitchen Aid has come out with a lot of different new models to meet the demands of fast paced lifestyles today. Also if you are currently in the market for a Kitchen Aid coffee maker you will be happy to know that the company seems to be producing machines in new and more contemporary colors, which is a new development among kitchen makers. One of the more popular models is the Kitchen Aid Java Studio KCM511 model. Included in the features of this particular model is a twenty-four hour clock and an alarm clock. This is great for people on the go and have a tendency to take their time reading newspapers over cups of coffee. best home espresso machine

Another great feature of this particular Kitchen Aid coffee maker is that it keeps your coffee hot while still on the coffee warmer. My personal favorite feature is that the clock that comes with it keeps track of how long the coffee has been brewed. This way, I never get stale coffee. The KCM511 also has automatic switch off, and lets you know when the filters need cleaning. You don’t need to clean the filter after each brew and only need to do it when the machine indicates it.

Another of Kitchen Aid coffee makers is the KCM534WH model. This model is able to brew as many as fourteen cups of coffee at a time. Its fourteen- cup carafe is also dishwasher safe which means you can just put it in the dishwasher for rinsing. The unit comes in red, onyx, black and white colors to match any kitchen or counter décor. This unit is also programmable and soaks the ground coffee beans for a few minutes before actually filling your cup, which means you get the full flavor of the beans rather than a hastily brewed cup.

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Another of its new models is the grind and brew Pro line Series Burr Coffee Mill KPCG100MP. One of its advantages is that it can be stored easily in your countertop or kitchen cabinet, thereby giving you space on your counters. It also limits the sticking of the coffee grounds in your container with its new glass grind container. One of the advantages of acquiring this particular Kitchen Aid coffee maker is that its bin seal plate helps aligning the coffee bin under the grinder and limits the spilling of coffee grounds. The less the spill the less there is to clean up.

Its grind control is great for choosing the right consistency or size of grounds you prefer. Also, it has a special helical gear which is a great feature in a coffee machine. This feature gives you uniform ground beans without the harsh grating sound. This grind and brew Kitchen Aid products lets you have fresh brewed coffee each time you need it, without a lot of separate parts to clean. The machine is programmable and durable. Furthermore, the machine makes a quiet grinding rather than a harsh loud sound unlike other machines with built-in grinders. This is great for families with children who sleep late on Saturdays and don’t want to be disturbed.
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