best breville coffee maker

By | September 22, 2013

best breville coffee maker

Breville BDC600XL You Brew Drip Coffee Maker

List Price: $243.95

Brewing system doses the right amount of coffee with the right amount of water while heating water to the optimum temperature
• Built-in 0.5-lb bean hopper and integrated burr grinder
• Carafe’ setting with brew pause feature and makes up to 12 cups of coffee
• Single Cup’ setting from regular to extra-large cup size
• Adjustable strength settings

The Breville BDC600XL YouBrew coffee maker is the result of some 5 years of research and is the only coffee maker which caters to the need for coffee in a cup, a travel mug and a carafe.



The Breville YouBrew lets you choose from 7 strength settings and from an additional 5 flavor settings, allowing you to select the steeping time for each individual brew. Once you have entered your settings, the built-in burr grinder grinds your selected beans immediately prior to brewing so that you get the maximum freshness and flavor.

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The YouBrew\’s unique brewing system combines the correct amount of coffee with the correct amount of water and heats both to the perfect temperature whether you are after a cup, a travel mug or a carafe of coffee. And you can pick whatever you want from a regular or extra-large cup of coffee to a full carafe of 12 cups of coffee.

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With a top-fill water tank for quick and simple filling and a swing-out door for easy removal of the coffee basket, this coffee maker is very simple to operate. You also have the choice of using either the included gold-tone filter or traditional paper filters.

Customers clearly like the Breville YouBrew and say that it is very well designed, simple to operate and makes great coffee. Customers also say that it is easy to fill and a pleasure to clean.


Of course it is not all good news and the odd customer does have a niggle here and there. For instance, some people comment on the fact that this machine is a bit taller than many other machines so that it can sometimes be difficult to reach over it. Others customers also feel that the built-in grinder is a little noisy.

Initially the unit\’s display and control buttons may make the Breville YouBrew appear to be a bit complicated but, in reality, it is a well designed and extremely well built coffee maker which looks stylish, is very simple to use and makes great coffee.
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