best coffee maker brand

By | November 2, 2013

Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker – best coffee maker brand

best coffee maker brand
Mr. Coffee is a brand for coffee makers that has been popular since the seventies. This is because Joe Dimaggio the famous baseball player was its advertising spokesman. Invented by Edward Able in 1972, Mr. Coffee made the first drip coffee maker especially for home use. Before this invention, homes used either a plug in or a stovetop percolator. The disadvantage of percolators is that since it was placed directly over a flame, the coffee that resulted usually had a burnt taste.

The Place for Coffee Makers Made in USA

A lot of people I know are very loyal to their Mr. Coffee coffee maker which they have purchased many years ago. Not only are Mr. Coffee coffee makers durable, they are stylish as well, with many new looks and great features.

The Mr. Coffee twelve cup programmable coffee maker has a fresh brew timer which lets you know how long ago the coffee finished brewing. The Brew Strength selector allows you to maker your coffee milder or stronger depending on who is visiting, or depending on your mood for the day.

The adjustable temperature warmer plate lets you adjust how hot you want your coffee to stay after it has finished brewing. More features include a two hour automatic shut off, water filtration, metallic accents and a special cleaning cycle.

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The water filtration of this particular model removes approximately ninety-seven percent of chlorine from your tap water, resulting in better tasting coffee. The two-hour automatic shut off feature keeps coffee warm for two hours before automatically shutting off. The special cleaning cycle makes the cleaning of this particular Mr. Coffee coffee maker model unit quick and easy.

The Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker is a beautifully made dual-brew coffee maker which is really convenient for either entertaining guests or for daily use. Price: $67.99  Details

best coffee maker brand
This machine makes either eight cups of coffee or four cups of espresso, or both, all the same time. A valve for steam froths milk for a nice comfortable cup of cafe latte or a perfect, classic cappuccino. This model also has cord storage, a cup warming surface and comes with a one year warranty.

Another beautiful and reliable Mr. Coffee coffee maker is the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX twelve cup coffee maker, which come in White and Black.

There is a timer for automatic start and a pause and serve function. There is a storage for the cord as well, making this a really neat, compact machine. Price: $39.99 Details

best coffee maker brand
For coffee that stays warm a long time after it is brewed even while on the breakfast table, you might want to consider the Mr. Coffee coffee maker model FTTX95-1 ten cup programmable thermal coffee maker. Price: $59.99 Details

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The insulated stainless steel ten cup carafe is dishwasher safe and keeps the coffee insulated even with just a hot plate under it. The brushed chrome upgrades every type of kitchen. The best part of this is that the dual water windows make the amount of water in the reservoir very visible for water-refilling accuracy.

The special cleaning cycle makes cleaning this coffee maker quick and easy. The brewing pause and serve feature lets you stay neat even if you interrupt the cycle and pour some coffee out. The delay brew feature allows you to set your coffee maker twenty four hours in advance and begin brewing at a certain, pre-determined time. The cord storage keeps your kitchen counter top very neat.

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