best espresso machine for home

By | September 14, 2013

best espresso machine for home

best espresso machine for home – nespresso pixie review

best espresso machine for home

best espresso machine for home

You could call the Nespresso Pixie the ‘Apple’ of espresso machines. It truly represents the ideologies held in such high regard by Apple executives, namely user-friendliness, compactness, superb quality, superb design, and ultra-cool proprietary.





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Espressos from the Pixie have successfully delighted the taste buds of those that sought a quick and affordable espresso fix without the added fuss. If you’re serious about your coffee, you’ll notice that the taste isn’t at par with traditional espresso flavors. But it does make a good cup of quick espresso. The wide range of flavors that Nespresso offers in its coffee grains range is another extra perk. If you like variety and trying a new flavor of coffee every week, you’ll love the Nespresso Pixie.


Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, Electric TitanEase of Use

We found the Nespresso Pixie very easy-to-use and much faster than conventional machines when preparing coffee. Nespresso does it in less than 20 seconds. Instead of heating your boiler up for 10-20 minutes before you can have two mini espressos, the Pixie lets you push the button and wait for nine seconds only. Then, it’s ready to accept your espresso order! Pixie was also very easy to clean. In fact, we only felt the need to clean the machine every 6 cups or so. This involves simply popping out the empty cartridges and rinsing the tray water and frothing pitcher.

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And you can now learn to ‘love your espresso machine’ with the wide range of colors that the Nespresso Pixie is available in. Take your pick.

best espresso machine for home

Build Quality

Light & Convenient Handle: The handle is designed ergonomically to make it easier for enclosing and puncturing the capsule. It is also quite light and durable so that the handle can be used to carry it around the room easily when needed.
Large Water Resrvoir. The capacity of the Pixie reservoir is 24 ounces to be precise, which is large enough or the average user unless you’re interested in making lungos everyday and like your coffee super-sized.
Efficient Thermo-Block System. The Pixie’s thermoblock system reduces heating time dramatically and takes only 25 seconds, which is really good by our standards.
Adaptability to Coffee Capsules. This is one of the downsides of this machine which has made a lot of customers re-think their decision to invest in a Pixie. The Nespresso Pixie only works with coffee capsules produced by Nespresso. However, these are widely available at most local supermarkets and come in a variety of flavors to ensure you never get bored.
Space Saver. The Pixie matches its name and really is the tiniest espresso pod machine we’ve come across of late, measuring 4.3?12.8?9.2 inches
Coffee Size Control. You get to choose between espresso or lungo size when you place your order with Pixie.
High Pressure. The Pixie is loaded with a 19 bar pressure power that can deliver the creamiest espresso cream.

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Priced in the $200-250 range, many found the Nespresso to be a bit costly. On the other hand, if you compare it with a conventional espresso machine, this is quite affordable. Also, the high price of quality customer service and brand appeal in the current market cannot be denied, both of which the Nespresso is backed with.

best espresso machine for home

best espresso machine for home

best espresso machine for home

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker, Electric Titan List Price: $229.00 Price: $214.00 Read Reviews Buy Now

What Accesories Come With the Machine?

The Nespresso Pixie comes together with the following add-ons:

Folding drip tray
Used capsule container


Reviews of the Nespresso Pixie show mixed responses, with some having terrible experiences while others just loved it. Some have put it down on claims of a high price and a limited variety of coffee capsules from Nespresso. However, we’ll disagree and say that this machine, like many of NEspresso’s other machines offers the quality design, a strong build, and is one of the espresso machines you’re unlikely to regret buying.

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