best home cappuccino machines

By | December 21, 2015

Best Home Cappuccino Machines Under $200

Cappuccino Machine: De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR
cappuccino machine

best home cappuccino machines
De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker
The De’Longhi Cappuccino Machine offers an easy prep latte and cappuccino maker. It has a swivel jet frother making the perfect drink, uses convenient pods or ground coffee which has a dual filter, and eliminates start-up prep with the self-priming operation. With two separate thermostats you will also always get the perfect temperature drink – and with up to 15 bar pump pressure you will make the perfect espresso drink every time!

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You can choose to make your espresso drink on the Cappuccino Machine either with ground espresso or ESE pods – thanks to the dual filter system. The self-priming option also eliminates the startup preparation, and the removable water tank and drip tray, along with the highest quality stainless steel boiler, ensure the perfect drink every time you are looking for that potent espresso or cappuccino drink.

Product Pros✓

There are many pros to consider when using this Cappuccino Machine. From the 15 bar pressure, a removable water tank, to the steam wand, and not forgetting the option for either ground coffee or pods to make your beverage, you will get the perfect strength drink every time and at the perfect temperature.

This cappuccino machine is also quite small, thus leaving room on your counters for other products. The metal accent makes for the perfect look no matter what color your other appliances are. It also has a great water reserve and extremely quick heat up time taking only about a minute before you can make that perfect coffee drink.

The frothing wand also makes for a great tasting foam on all your espresso or cappuccino drinks. This Cappuccino Machine is also very durable and offers the easiest clean up features when you are done using it.

Product Cons✓

There are a few negatives associated with this cappuccino machine that a purchaser has to consider prior to purchasing. The lack of features including no cup warmer and the lack of space between the nozzle and where your cup sits when making a drink is very limited. Additionally the machine does not include a built in grinder, does not have an attached coffee maker, there is no timer included with the machine, and although there is a warranty included it is a basic warranty for one year.

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The machine can also get quite expensive to run depending on whether you are using the ESE pods or ground coffee. Not to forget that it runs at up to 1000 watts which does take additional electricity to operate it.


Overall a fairly good choice for an espresso/cappuccino machine as the cappuccino machine has a few standout features. For an individual (or family) that is looking for a basic Cappuccino Machine that makes both a great cappuccino and espresso in virtually a couple of minutes, it is well worth the cost. It also has a great brand name backing up the purchase which does say a lot about the quality of the machine. For the price of the machine you are not going to be able to find a better product on the market which will produce the quality espresso drinks you are looking to enjoy!

Cappuccino Machine: Lello 1375 Ariete Cafe
cappuccino machine

lello 1375 ariete cafe prestige coffee maker
Lello 1375 Ariete Cafe Prestige Coffee Maker

The Lello 1375 Ariete Cafe Coffee Maker is loaded with features. The Lello 1375 is an espresso and cappuccino machine that features a pump system that provides constant and consistent pump pressure which allows the unit to make superior espresso and cafe quality cappuccino.

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The incredible heavy-duty stainless steel design makes it durable, as well as attractive. It features a 9-cup water reservoir that heats up in seconds and a warming area that allows cups to warm up prior to use. The portafilter inserts is one terrific feature that is truly appreciated allowing the user to use espresso pods as well as brewer single and double shots. Now it is possible to have a great cappuccino or espresso at home that taste just as good as at the local café!

Product Pros✓

If you are an extreme coffee drinker or just love cappuccinos or espressos, you are going to love this cappuccino machine. The majority of the reviews for the Lello cappuccino machine are very good. Reviewers are very impressed with how solid and well-built the machine is. Numerous reviewers raved about how functional and easy this coffee maker is to use. Many think that the Lello 1375 coffee maker is a quality unit for the price and produces excellent espressos. Several reviewers even commented on their coffee drinks actually taste better at home than the coffee shops – now that is say something! Several owners of this machine commented on how this unit produces better coffee than units that cost four times as much. Owners like the easy to fill reservoir and say that it holds plenty of water for the amount of espresso the looking to make at each time of use. According to various owner reviews of this cappuccino machine the vast majority of owners absolutely love the Lello 1375 Ariete Cafe Prestige Coffee Maker.

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Product Cons✓

One of the disadvantages according to owner reviews is that some of the water from the unit leaks and goes under the drip tray. According to some actual owners of this cappuccino machine this machine was a little nosier than they had expected it to be. Some found the water tank to be awkward to manage when refilling stating it is hard to disconnect and reconnect because it is narrow and tall. Two tabs have to line up to connect the water tank, which are difficult to find unless you turn the unit around – and they are made of plastic which can break easily. Several reviewers commented on how the machine worked perfectly and then one day just stopped working! Even with the disadvantages, numerous reviews still commented on how it was still the best tasting cup of coffee they ever had and thought it was a high quality cappuccino machine.


According to the actual users of this cappuccino machine the Lello 1375 is a fantastic cappuccino maker due to its sophisticated design and features that allow the user to enjoy numerous cafe quality drinks at home. The majority of owners of this cappuccino machine rated this product five stars and found this cappuccino machine to be a great purchase – one they very much enjoy owning. The majority of owners would recommend the Lello 1375 to their family and friends. At a mid-range price it would be hard to find a cappuccino machine to compare to the professional quality of the Lello 1375.

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