best home espresso machine under 500

By | September 8, 2013

best home espresso machine under 500

best home espresso machine under 500

best home espresso machine under 500

Do you have a coffee to set yourself on your way in the morning? if the answer is yes then you need to read on, the Baby Gaggia Espresso Machine might be just what you are looking for.

best home espresso machine reviewBaby Gaggia Espresso Machine

The Gaggia Baby Espresso Maker is one of the best espresso machines in its range. it comes with the ability to make cappuccino, latte and just about any variation you have the skills to make. As well as its appearance, the Baby Gaggia delivers the fantastic quality you have come to expect from Gaggia Machines. Sometimes incorrectly written as Gagia, nonetheless a great Espresso Maker.

Equipped with a soft touch control panel and its appealing to the eye styling , the Baby Gaggia does more than just make that first coffee. A mere three buttons on the Baby Gaggia let you control all of the functions, from brewing a delicious espresso shot to frothing milk for cappuccinos and lattes.

The clever little steamer nozzle rotates for to make frothing milk in seconds a piece of cake. It can also deliver hot water for tea and other hot drinks, but if you are like me then it has to be a coffee in the morning. Gaggia has some very clever solenoid valve which ensures a spread of water throughout the coffee which gets rid of hot spots – they can burn your coffee leaving it with a bitter taste.

best home espresso machine under 500

best home espresso machine under 500

The Baby Gaggia Espresso Machine is very easy to clean thanks to the detachable components, you will see them all once you remove it from all packing materials not only that but the Gaggia is quick and straight forward to set-up. The appearance and style of the Baby are right up there with the rest of the Gaggia Espresso Machines, with a mix of plastic and metal materials that make it a doddle to clean off the espresso grounds.
Some of the details are as follows:

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Wattage: 1425 watts for quick heat up and recovery.

Dimensions: 10.4 x 9.6 x 15.7

inWeight: 21 pounds

You can get you hands on one of these by click here

Wondering what kind of espresso machine you should be getting yourself for your home use? Why not try this semi automatic espresso machine retro style espresso machine? If you do, there is really nothing to lose as it is very efficient and very durable. It is 8.3 inches in width, 10.8 inches in depth and 14.0 inches in height. This espresso maker has a sleek finish to it making it not only good for espresso making but also a very suitable display in the kitchen. However, more than the looks, this espresso maker is known to be the best at what it was designed to and that is to make superb tasting espresso.

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