Best K-Cup Coffee Makers Reviews November 2015

By | November 12, 2015

In recent times, K-Cup coffee makers have attained widespread popularity among coffee lovers of all ages. What can be seen as a revolutionary step to modern coffee making, the k-cup coffee maker vastly differs from its predecessors such as the French press or the drip brew. Although many would like to think that the older versions appeared more elegant and used a more efficacious technique of coffee brewing, the users of k-cup coffee makers believe that these machines have a far more streamlined working mechanism and are more convenient to use in this modern age of busy urban lives. Below are the top 5 best k-cup coffee makers on the market updated for 2015.

Ultimate 5 Best K-Cup Coffee Makers

Picture Name Price Rating
Picture Name Price Rating
Keurig K-Cup K60/K65.

2-Year Protection

$244.99 4.4
Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System . $511.47 4.5
Keurig B145 OfficePRO . $114.99 4.4
Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG6-001 Single Serve. $99.97 3.8
Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG2FB Single Serve .

3-Year Protection

$89.25 4.0

ratings of best coffee makers March 2015

Well those are top 5 k-cup coffee makers that money can buy. All 5 of them are fantastic machines that would be great additions to the line of kitchen appliances at your home, office or cafe. They may share the honour of being the best in the business but these coffee makers are quite different from one another in terms of functionality, ease of use and availability of desirable features. Hence it’s no surprise that among this list, there are 3 that are slightly more sought after than the others. Numbers 1, 2 and 4 on the list are the coffee makers that I’m talking about.

More on K-cup coffee makers

So what makes the k-cup coffee maker different? Well the answer lies in the name. K-cup coffee makers are dissimilar to traditional coffee makers because they make use of k-cups. A k-cup is basically a plastic container that has a coffee filter fitted inside it. In most cases, ground coffee beans are placed inside the air tight k-cups which are usually covered by a foil lid. A K-cup coffee maker functions by making tiny holes on top of the foil lid all the way to the bottom of the k-cup. It then jets hot water under high pressure through the K-cup. This brews the ground coffee beans inside the filter. The end product flows into a cup or a mug that is placed below the k-cup. It’s worth noting that the amount of ground coffee inside each filter, called K-pack, is just enough for one serving.

K-cup coffee makers are in essence single cup coffee makers with a modern twist. It is great for use at home, office or in a small cafe that you may own. K-cups are patented by Keurig, which is one of the best, if not the best brand of coffee maker out there. So if you’re looking for a K-cup coffee maker, you’re naturally be keeping an eye on the Keurig models although Breville, Mr Coffee and Cuisinart are coffee maker brands that do have the license to manufacture and sell k-cup brewing systems.

Without further ado and introductions let us take a quick glance at five of the very best k-cup coffee makers that are available on the market today.

Review of the Best K-Cup Coffee Makers

1) Keurig K-Cup K60/K65 Special Edition and Signature Brewers.

Keurig K60/K65

Keurig K60/K65

See Amazon Reviews Here
Anything that has the word special edition placed alongside its name is bound to be really good. This Keurig K-Cup coffee maker is the proverbial “bombshell” amongst k-cup coffee makers. Dubbed as a mid luxury home brewing system, this highly sophisticated machine ticks all the marks in terms of variety and convenience. As you take a look at the specifications below, you’ll understand why this brewing system is a delight for any coffeelover.

  • 1) It functions as single serve coffee maker for use with patented K-cups
  • 2) It has a one-touch control panel, illuminated by a blue backlit LCD display. Secondary features include a digital clock and a programmable on/off option.
  • 3) Brews in 3 sizes. 6oz, 8oz and 10 oz.
  • 4) The temperature of the brew can be adjusted.
  • 5) It has a detachable drip tray.
  • 6) It has a 60 ounce water reservoir that is blue lit and can be removed.
  • 7) Comes with a descale indicator and has dishwasher safe components.
  • 8) Contains a bonus 12 count K-Cup variety pack along with a Water Filter Kit.

I could go on and on about the features all day, but it’s time to pause and discuss how this features make this coffee maker such a beloved item in the eyes of its users. Most have expressed immense satisfaction with this product and keep talking about how this coffee maker produces the perfect cup of refreshing coffee at the right temperature every single time. With a 4 and a half stars on Amazon and over 1020 customer reviews, this coffee maker is surely a top draw in the market. People absolutely loved the fact that it allows you to change cup size, temperature, K-cups and use reusable filter at will. They are also impressed by the longevity of this coffee maker. On the flipside though, the consumers do seem to have a few issues with water blends, slow brews and the occasional half cup brews. Nonetheless, for a price tag of $208.41, this coffee maker is without a shadow of a doubt, “must buy” and “must use”.

2) Keurig K-75 Single Home Brewing System with Water Filter Kit .

Keurig K75

Keurig K75

See Amazon Review Here

When it comes to K-cup coffee makers, Keurig is the dominant figure in the market so the appearance of yet another Keurig product in the top 3 isn’t at all unexpected. The Keurig K-75 is one of the best single cup coffee makers out there in the world and is a premium model that offers you a sumptuous cup of coffee almost every single time. In fact, it’s a worthy contender for the title of the best k-cup coffee maker of all time. Let’s take a look at the specifications to find out exactly what makes it top notch product.

  • 1) It is designed for K-Cups
  • 2) It has a one touch control panel
  • 3) It comes with a blue LCD display with a digital clock
  • 4) It gives you programmable on/off 5 brew size options
  • 5) The temperature of the brew can be adjusted
  • 6) It has a descale indicator and dishwasher-safe parts
  • 7) Contains a Blue-lit removable 72 ounce water reservoir.

Now that we know what the specifications are, it’s time for an in depth look at the K 75 Single Cup Home Brewing System. Users have the liberty to choose from 5 cup sizes for brewing. It’s easy to set up this coffee maker and it’s much easier to use it. Once you fill this k-cup coffee maker with water, it takes about 4 minutes for the water to be heated and spurted into the k-cup which is comparatively a very short time. Also, this machine is not known to create too much noise and will brew your coffee away quite quietly. Not to mention, the overall display is spectacular with the blue LED lit tank and matching buttons. In contrast to the K60 mentioned above , the $224.95 K75 isn’t very durable and may break into pieces if you unintentionally drop it to the ground.

3) Mr Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer Powered by Keurig Brewing Technology .

Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer BVMC-KG6-001

Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer BVMC-KG6-001

See Amazon Reviews Here

We just can’t seem to leave Keurig out of the mix can we? This single serve coffee maker is manufactured by one of the leading brands in the world, Mr Coffee, but as the name suggests, it uses the brewing technology of Keurig. The machine is very commendable for its speed and ease of use. Before we get into the detailed explanations though, a quick look at the specifications is quite necessary.

  • 1) Comes with patented Keurig K-cup packs for coffee, tea or cocoa
  • 2) Contains a decently large 40 ounce water reservoir that can brew several cups before being filled.
  • 3) It allows you to choose from 3 brew sizes which are 6 oz, 8oz or 10 oz.
  • 4) Comes with a convenient detachable drip tray that can hold larger cups or travel mugs.

The first thing that’s worth noting about this product is that it only costs you $89 which is considerably less than the two Keurig coffee makers mentioned above. With that being said, the drop in the price isn’t accompanied by a compromise in quality. As mentioned before, this coffee has impeccable working speed with which it can brew you a cup of coffee under a minute. Now that’s perfect for busy weekday mornings. It’s very versatile and has great durability. Also, the brewing process isn’t quite as noisy as some of the Keurig coffee makers.

Despite the impressive features, there are a few untidy defects in this k-cup coffee maker. Users have complained about incessant leakage. Minor glitches such as an upside down Mr Coffee logo have also blemished the reputation of this fine coffee maker to some extent.

Coffee makers are often looked upon as luxury items. This may be true for some models but when it comes to k-cup coffee makers, most coffee enthusiasts would agree that k-cups coffee makers are pretty much of a necessity in their lives. If you’re looking for an essential home or office coffee brewing machine, then look no further than the aforementioned 5 best k-cup coffee makers.

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