best super automatic espresso machine

By | August 12, 2013

best super automatic espresso machine

best super automatic espresso machine

best super automatic espresso machine

We felt that the nespresso c100t was well designed and made reasonable espresso for its minute size. Its ease of use can help anyone make a shut of coffee anywhere anytime.

nespresso c100t essenza




The main feature of the Nespresso C100T is its ease of use and the quality of coffee can only be rated as average, at best. The espresso tends to come out a bit cold. It’s not exactly boiled super-hot when it comes out of the machine. Therefore, unless your cup’s been advance warmed in some hot water, the espresso will quickly get cold if you don’t drink it right away.
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essenza nespresso review

Ease of Use

When it comes to setting up your C100T and programming it, it’s an easy process. Just pop in the capsule, pull down lever, and hold down the button you’re programming for 3 seconds minimum or when you want it to release in the future. Then, release it and your button has been programmed! That’s simple, right? You can also re-program it as many times as you like.

The nespresso c100t essenza also needs to be de-scaled and cleaned out with fresh water routinely which can get quite annoying.

Nespresso capsules, though they come in many different blends, are all produced in the same 1 or 2 countries, limiting the range of ‘exotic espressos’ you’ll get a chance to make, unlike at Starbucks or Peets. Some Nespresso users even found all the ‘different flavors’ to taste more or less the same.

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best super automatic espresso machine
Build Quality

Features of the nespresso c100t resemble those of other machines in the price range. Some great thought has been put into ease of use and convenience byNespresso on the Nespresso C100T design, for sure.

19-bar high pressure pump
Heating element/thermo-block
Automatic coffee ejection amount control when cup is filled
ABS housing
Removable water tank with 1 liter capacity
Ease of espresso preparation with functional handle
Auto-ejection of capsules used when handle is lifted
Container for collecting used capsules

One thing about the C100T that did irk us was the loud and rattle-like whirring sound it makes when the coffee-making button is pushed. It’s definitely not a pleasant sound. You’ll probably get used to it, but it will not be going away soon.

best super automatic espresso machine

best super automatic espresso machine


12 Free Capsules/Espresso Pods
Removable 34-oz Water Tank


Many Nespresso-loving customers found the Nespresso C100T’s price at a little more than $151.32 to be worth paying for the benefits of extra features in a Nespressomachine. Read Reviews


The Nespresso C100T is a good update to the already wonderful machine, its predecessor. The added auto shut-off features for 2 programmable cup sizes reduces the stress of having to stop the lungo or shot at just the right time. The extra cost associated with this newer model is justified, according to us. Another good thing was the extra-tininess of the machine that makes using it as your dedicated ‘micro-espresso machine’ in your office or home a no-brainer. We liked it.
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