best travel coffee maker guide

By | January 17, 2016

Best Travel Coffee Makers Guide

Which busy person does not want the convenience provided by travel coffee makers? It is not enough to have a coffee maker that can brew coffee in record time. It should also be convenient enough to grab and go.

What do we need to look for in travel coffee makers? How do you find the best one? There are some things that you need to know to find the best coffee maker that you can take with you wherever you go.

best travel coffee maker guide

  • 1. Dual Voltage System
    What is the importance in knowing if your travel coffee machine has a dual voltage system? Just in case you are traveling abroad, say for example, in Europe, you need a coffee maker with a dual voltage system so you can still use it in the electricity outlets there.


  • 2. Coffee Maker Mug
    Why is it even important to check the coffee mug that comes with your travel coffee machine? It is important especially when you are traveling by car. It may not fit the average-sized car cup holder and you will find it a great hassle to be minding your coffee mug the whole time you are traveling.



  • 3. Parts
    Checking the parts is nice before purchasing it. Find out if it can be disassembled easily and if it can be washed just as easily. Most of the time stainless steel coffee makers are more ideal because they can be easily washed.
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  • 4. Speed
    Time is always of the essence for frequent travelers. A coffee maker that brews coffee in no time is ideal for people who are always on the go.



  • 5. Flexibility
    Can you use your coffee maker in brewing other beverages such as tea or hot chocolate? Can you cook oatmeal or instant noodles? If it can, that is an ideal choice.



  • 6. Functionality
    It should have all the functional features that you need when traveling. Your travel coffee machine should have automatic shut off feature just in case you forget to turn it off.


Of course, it is already a forgone conclusion that your coffee maker should make flavorful coffee. Otherwise, you will not buy it. Price is not such a big issue if we can find a coffee maker that provides the features mentioned above.

So the next time you scour for travel coffee makers, remember the things mentioned earlier and you will be sure to find a coffee maker that can work well for you everywhere you go.

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