black and decker drip coffee maker

By | November 20, 2013

black and decker drip coffee maker

Why Black and Decker Drip Coffee Maker?

Black and Decker, a 1910 company founded by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker was a small Baltimore machine shop which specialized in home appliances.

Today, Black and Decker is a well known household name associated with all the best little kitchen appliances including toasters, can openers, vacuum cleaners and coffee makers.

black and decker drip coffee maker

black and decker drip coffee maker

A Black and Decker coffee maker gives you a choice of a twelve-cup, five-cup, or a personal coffee maker. Many replacement carafes are also available, although there has been a recent trend of using stainless steel carafes in their newer models.
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Popular coffee makers made by Black and Decker include the dcm18s brew n go personal coffeemaker, which is an ideal choice for active lifestyles.

This is great for people on-the-go and wants a fresh hot mug of coffee they can take with them as soon as it brews. The spill-proof mug fits very well in standard-size car cup holders.


The Black and Decker coffee maker model DLX1050 twelve-cup is great for large families or for frequent house parties. The Black and Decker
DCM575 five-cup coffeemaker is ideal for a medium size family’s needs.

black and decker drip coffee maker

black and decker drip coffee maker

If you have large family get-togethers and are in the market for a Black and Decker coffee maker, consider the CMD3400MB which is a twelve-cup programmable coffee maker which is made with stainless steel and black details, which upgrades the look of any counter space.

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This coffee maker has a clock and a timer, both of which are programmable, an LCD screen with blue black lighting, an adjustable temperature warming plate, a water filtering system, brew pause, delay brew, a freshness indicator and automatic shut off after two hours.

More features of this particular Black and Decker coffeemaker include the lit exterior level of indicating water levels, the coffee strength selector for mild, regular or strong coffee, and audible beep signal when the brew is ready. The carbon water filter fits into a compartment of the water reservoir. One filter is good for two months and is used to remove water impurities.

The brewed coffee temperature is at a constant 176 degrees Fahrenheit. One brew cycle on this Black and Decker coffee maker takes about fourteen minutes to complete twelve cups. I love the freshness indicator which tells you how long the coffee has been brewed. The drinking temperature will depend on what temperature you set the warming plate to be.

black and decker drip coffee maker

black and decker drip coffee maker

Drinking temperatures are also affected by how hot or cold the cream you put in, as well as the sweetener, is. The temperature you adjust the warming plate to can be changed at any time. For a really cold winter day, it really helps to be warmed by an ultra hot cup of coffee.


The delay brew feature allows you to set your brewing time ahead of time. If you are having a late afternoon coffee party at your place and won’t be home until then, you can pre-set your coffee time for the machine to start brewing at the correct time. In order to set the machine, press the ‘program’ button, set the time, and press ‘program’ again. A light indicator will let you know that you programmed this successfully.

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