black and decker spacemaker coffee maker

By | July 16, 2013

black and decker spacemaker coffee maker

Under Cabinet Coffee Maker

black and decker spacemaker coffee maker

black and decker spacemaker coffee maker

Today’s increasing condominium-type living has created a need for the most compact and space saving appliances there is. This includes space saving microwaves, ovens, hanging oven toasters, hanging can openers, vertical shelving and an under cabinet coffee maker system.

Many great brands such as Black and Decker are meeting this need by creating such products as the black and decker spacemaker coffee maker, which allows you to make coffee normally without taking any kitchen counter space. With prices in the same range as normal coffee makers, an under cabinet coffee maker is a good investment.

These coffee makers are also great for college dorm rooms, studio-type apartments, one bedroom apartments, small youth hostels that have kitchenettes, or a regular kitchen in a suburban house in which you don’t want to alter the existing counter arrangement.

Aside from the regular coffee maker features, the under cabinet coffee maker has a ‘tap a cup’ feature which lets you tap into the supply of coffee without having to touch the coffee carafe. Another feature is the ‘sneak a cup’ in which the machine lets you get some coffee even as it brews.

black and decker spacemaker coffee maker

black and decker spacemaker coffee maker

Under cabinet coffee maker varieties come in many colors. One of the main differences between this type of coffee maker and a regular coffee maker is that you will need to mount this, and I don’t recommend mounting it yourself. Some stores provide a schedule when a handyman can come and mount your new coffee maker for you. Online stores, however, do not. Attempting to mount this yourself does have its risks, but if you feel confident in your own abilities, then by all means, give it a try.

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The first thing to do in attempting to mount this is t determine if you have a cabinet that has a flat or an extended bottom. Tape the template which comes with the box where you plan to mount this coffee maker. Make pencil holes and remove the mounting template. Drill the holes, making sure you are wearing eye protection. Punch through the mounting bracket’s holes.

You then need to align the drill holes with the mounting bracket, with the washers between the mounting bracket and the cabinet bottom. Adjust where you plan to put it if the cabinet has an overhang. Place bolts into cabinet and insert the screws in the mounting brackets. The coffee maker can then slide into the bracket and should successfully lock into space.

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Also a great design feature, an under cabinet coffee maker makes every kitchen look very sleek especially if you attach the coffee maker in such a way that the digital clock is at eye level for all to see. This looks really great and saves you a lot of space, while upgrading how your kitchen looks. Unlike regular coffee makers, the under counter coffee makers’ water reservoir is in front and removable along with the coffee pot.

This makes cleaning so much easier while at the same time giving you great visibility on how much water and coffee there is at any given moment. The transparency of it all causes a lot more hygienic cleanliness than getting a black opaque stainless steel carafe where germs can hide quite ef”fortlessly.

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