bloomfield coffee maker

By | March 16, 2014

Bloomfield Coffee Maker Review

Some of the biggest fast food restaurants use Bloomfield coffee makers. McDonalds, for instance, relies on the efficacy of this coffee maker. They could have used other more popular brands but they stuck with this brand.

What could be the reason why a huge food chain like McDonalds trust the efficiency of Bloomfield coffee machines? I know one reason—its durability. Bloomfield coffee brewer is one of the most durable of its kind.

Some small businesses choose coffee makers intended to be used at home. While it may work for a few days, when it is used constantly, 24/7 in a busy restaurant or a food chain, it can break down no matter how durable the company has promised it to be.

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bloomfield coffee maker

bloomfield coffee maker


This is the reason why many opt to use Bloomfield coffee makers. In the commercial world, it is important to have a reliable machine, otherwise thousands of dollars will be lost.

This brand of coffee maker is built to last. Their coffee makers can withstand the constant changing of temperature in a restaurant environment. If McDonalds found it ideal, I will bet my dollar that you will also find it ideal.

You might be thinking you do not need a commercial coffee maker. The good news is, Bloomfield has developed coffee makers intended for home use.

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If you compare it with the other domestic coffee makers, you can easily spot its advantages. Apart from it being durable in every sense of the word, it has a thermal function that can keep your coffee hot while retaining its wonderful flavor.

Some domestic coffee makers promise to keep your coffee hot but it leaves a burnt kind of taste in your coffee. You have no choice but to wash the whole thing down the drain.

However, you might have a difficulty finding the domestic model in the market. It is not as readily available as the commercial ones such as the Bloomfield koffee king. But if you can find it, it is worth investing in.

If you have no idea if the coffee it brews fits your java preferences, then why don’t you try going to your nearest McDonalds food chain and order a cup of coffee. If you like it and you would like to make one at home, you should try Bloomfield coffee makers.

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  1. Anonymous

    I will like to know why the water goes straight to the put without turning on /and turning on the coffee maker. I have a Model M112

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