bodum coffee maker review

By | March 21, 2014

Bodum Coffee Makers Review

Bodum coffee makers’ popular tagline—“make taste, not waste” is making a statement in the coffee maker industry. I can say this coffee maker is a cut above the rest because of its environment-friendly features.

bodum coffee maker review

bodum coffee maker review

Their aim is to provide a great coffee experience without contributing to the worsening of the condition of our environment. So for those who are staunch environmentalist, this is a great choice of coffee maker.

Bodum Company does not only make coffee makers, they also make canteens, kitchenware, tableware and many more. For their every product, they make sure it is manufactured with the highest quality and made from the finest materials.

Let us take a look at their bodum coffee makers and see what other people who have purchased them think about it.
Bodum Espresso Maker

Some maybe skeptical to use bodum espresso maker—with good reason since Bodum is practically a newbie when it comes to making espresso makers. But then, it still delivers that excellent Bodum trademark.

If you know of Francis! Francis! Espresso maker, you might find yourself comparing Bodum to it because of its great tasting espresso. But you will pat yourself on the back for purchasing this because it is cheaper.

Bodum French Press Coffee Maker

bodum coffee maker review

bodum coffee maker review

Those who have tried this only had positive feedbacks. Many of them gave it great ratings. One of its biggest selling points is its easy-to-manipulate features. You do not have to read a manual as thick as a book to get this thing working.

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Those who have tried it only have good words about the coffee it brews. Some say it tastes better than those you can buy from the most sophisticated cafes.

Since this does not have an automatic feature, it may take time to brew the coffee. But what coffee enthusiast does not love the idea of brewing your coffee in the simplest way possible? Sans the complicated buttons, this can really make your day brighter.

Bodum Santos Coffee Maker

bodum coffee maker review

bodum coffee maker review

Bodum has continued its manufacturing of traditional coffee makers with Bodum Santos coffee maker. Many people opt to use automatic coffee makers. This deprives them of the joy of making their cup of coffee from scratch.

In this brand of coffee maker, every second you spend brewing your coffee is worth it. And your reward for your patience is a flavorful coffee unparalleled by others.

Bodum coffee makers may not be your first choice when you are buying your coffee maker. But its simplicity oozes with appeal. And the fact that they care enough about mother earth to create environment-friendly coffee makers just means they are putting our over-all well being into consideration.

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