Bosch Benvenuto B20 has fully automated features

By | February 12, 2015

Quality Manufacturer Creates Bosch Benvenuto B20 Gourmet Coffee Machine

Investment…Whenever I want to buy a something, anything in fact, I always keep in mind that it is better to spend a little more money on quality products. You don’t want to buy the cheaper ones only to find out that it starts to have problems after just five to ten uses. So instead of saving some money you end up spending more than you had to. It’s a potential bank breaker and a guaranteed way to give you terrible headaches.

Top Of The Line, Yet Affordable:

It’s hard to find quality products with the best value that’s why when you find one it’s best to hang into it. Take for instance the case of Bosch Benvenuto B20 Gourmet Coffee Machine. This piece of equipment is packed with features and competes with the top-of-the-line coffee machines in the market today. And yet this Bosch coffee machine costs far less than other brands.

Fully Automated Machine, Great Tasting Coffee:

The Benvenuto B20 has fully automated features. This means you can make a cup of coffee, latte, cafe mocha and cappuccino by merely pressing a button. In about 30 seconds, the coffee machine will give the cup of coffee that you need to perk you up. One of the selling points of the B20 is convenience and great tasting coffee.

The latter is not only because of the quality of beans used but also because of the AromaSwirl system which is an exclusive feature of Bosch products. This system extracts the most flavor from the coffee beans and removes the metal taste from the coffee. Combined with a built-in filter, the B20 ensures that the water used in your coffee is clean as well.

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bosch benvenuto b20

Simple And Easy To Use:

Designers of the B20 kept in mind that not all users are experts in gourmet coffee machines. So they made the B20 as simple as possible with controls that can be understood by almost anyone. Instead of series of buttons and complicated controls, designers equipped the B20 with two control knobs and one coffee brew button instead.

When you want to make a cup coffee , select the type of coffee drink in one dial and use the other one to choose how strong you want your coffee to be. With the dials, you can select small espresso, espresso, small coffee, coffee, large coffee and even a double extra-large coffee.

For a cup of cappuccino or latte, the steam knob of the B20 will give you the steam you want in less than 15 seconds. It is also equipped with a frothing tip for creating milk froth.

Packed With More Features:

Other features include a pre-ground coffee funnel which comes in handy especially if someone wants a cup of coffee that is different from the beans that is currently loaded in the machine. The B20 also has a display screen which shows important information like the current setting of the machine, when the water tank needs to be filled, when the water tray is empty or when the machine needs cleaning.

The B20 also has a coffee dispensing nozzle that can be adjusted to accept cup sizes up to 4.25 inches high. It has a 15-bar pressure pump, a 64-ounce reservoir, 2 position steam wand and works at 1300 watts. Measuring 14 inches wide, 16 inches high and 22.5 inches deep, the Bosch Benvenuto B20 Gourmet Coffee Machine is no bigger than its competition.

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Find Bosch TCA6001UC Benvenuto B20 Thermoblock 15-Bar-Pump Fully Automatic Espresso Machine on

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