bunn commercial coffee maker

By | April 10, 2013

bunn commercial coffee maker

bunn commercial coffee maker

bunn commercial coffee maker

If you are in need of a coffee maker in the office or even at a restaurant, you should consider the benefits associated with the Bunn Pourover coffee maker. This is the perfect coffee creator for locations that service many different individuals that enjoy the warmth and great taste of a cup of coffee. It is a relatively large unit that has the capability of producing a large amount of coffee in a relatively short amount of time. This makes the perfect coffee maker for a location where coffee is in demand, but time is limited.

Many coffee makers produce hot coffee, but for some individuals, the heat that is generated by a standard coffee pot is not really enough. If the water that the coffee is created in is exceptionally hot, it helps to enhance the overall flavor of the beverage that is being created. The Bunn Pourover coffee maker ensures that the water that is used to create coffee beverages is extremely hot. As a matter of fact, the large water tank that is attached to the unit holds the water and brings it to boiling. This means that it enhances the overall quality and taste of the coffee that it produces.

In addition to producing exceptional tasting coffee, the Bunn Pourover coffee maker uses a type of technology that utilizes a tube that possesses cold water into the coffee that is being created. This means that a larger amount of coffee may be produced in a shorter amount of time. Traditional coffee pots simply do not have the capability to produce coffee in busy locations at the demand that individuals require it. However, the Bunn Pourover coffee maker does, in fact, possess this capability. If you are in the market for an effective coffee pot that will leave you with more time and better tasting coffee, you should consider the Bunn Pourover coffee maker.

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bunn thermal coffee makers

Bunn AXIOM – Convertible Dual-Voltage Airpot Coffee Brewer

bunn thermal coffee makers

bunn thermal coffee makers

Are you looking for a good coffee brewer that will make approximately 7.5 gallons every hour? You have to look no further than the “Bunn AXIOM Dual-Voltage airpot coffee brewer”. Here are some specifics about this special coffee brewer that may help you make the decision as to whether you would like to buy it or not.

This is a coffee pot that is easily convertible and all you have to do is just flip a switch. It converts to the following: 120 volts, 12.5 amps, 13 amps, 15 amps, 120/208 volt and 120/240 volt. This Bunn coffee brewer will brew between 4.2 to 7.5 gallons every hour and you will get perfect coffee each time.

If you happen to live in a high lime area, this coffee brewer has special BrewLOGIC technology that is able to calculate the flow rate and adjust the brew time accordingly so that consistent pot levels are maintained. The Bunn AXIOM has been equipped with BrewWIZARD technology and a Liquid Crystal Display that simplifies brewer programming. You can set the brew level, tank temperature and the cold brew lockout from the front of the coffee brewer.

Since you are looking for a coffee brewer that will keep things hot for a reasonable amount of time, the Bunn AXIOM comes with convenient airpots that will keep your fresh-brewed coffee steaming hot for hours. You will be glad to know that these airpots can be transported with ease to breakfast bars, remote meeting rooms, etc.

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The Bunn AXIOM coffee brewer has the capability to brew directly into airpots that hold from 1.9 to 3 liters. There is a cold brew lock out capability that will ensure that you get a coffee brew quality that is excellent at all times.

In case you ever need this particular coffee pot serviced, this coffee brewer has a built-in tank drain along with an electronics diagnostics program to troubleshoot the appliance. The coffee extraction is controlled with digital temperature control, pre-infusion and pulse brew.

Finally, the Bunn AXIOM has a hot water faucet and comes with a SplashGuard funnel for deflecting hot liquids away from hands. During the times when the coffee brewer is sitting idle, there is an energy saver mode that has been installed into the Bunn AXIOM that reduces tank temperature.

Here are some dimensions that you may want to take a look at in case you have limited space to work with:

Overall dimensions: 23.6″ high x 9″ wide x 18.5″ deep
Plumbing: 20-90 psi these coffee brewers are supplied with ¼” male flare fitting
Electrical: 120V/15amp – this coffee brewer requires two wires and ground service that is rated 120V, single phase, 60 Hz. 120/208V or 120/40V – this coffee brewer also must have 3-wires and ground service that is rated 120/208V or 120/240V, single phase, 60 Hz

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