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By | December 14, 2014

Jura Impressa C9 One Touch Coffee Machine

jura impressa c9 one touch coffee machine
If you want a quality machine that will allow you to experiment with a variety of beans, strengths and temperatures, the Impressa C9 is an excellent choice.

Our Review

Have you ever considered being your own barista? If you love making specialty brews for friends, family and yourself, you’ll find complete happiness in the Jura Impressa C9 One-Touch Automatic Coffee and Espresso Maker. This is one machine that is definitely for the pros since it boasts a high price tag and takes skill and patience to learn the ropes. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy an automatic operation that delivers exceptional espressos, cappuccinos and lattes from the push of a button.

jura impressa c9 one touch coffee machine
Key Features

The Impressa C9 has a whopping 1450-watts of power, 18-bars of pump pressure and other professional details like a six-setting conical burr grinder, two temperature settings and three strength volumes. There are pre-programmed settings for making coffee, espresso, cappuccino, milk and hot water. Like some of the best espresso machines, the Impressa C9 has a ThermoBlock heating element for ultimate temperature control and stability. The machine also has a bright LED display with easy instructions that tell you what to do and when. Included with these espresso machines are a pre-ground coffee funnel, 64-ounce water tank, 14-ounce thermal milk container, bean container and instructional DVD.

The Pros

Even though the Impressa C9 has a high price tag, you certainly get a lot of features for the money, making this espresso machine somewhat of a value. Similar to what some of the best espresso machines carry, the Impressa C9 has automatic cleaning cycles, Energy Saving mode and sensors that tell you when coffee needs to be added. These are practical features that coffee lovers use on a regular basis. You also receive a large water tank and insulated milk container as well as a conical burr grinder that has six fineness levels. You can’t beat the commercial-quality of 1450-watts of power and 18-bars of pump pressure, making these coffee and espresso machines for the pros.

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The Cons

The Impressa C9 isn’t the most expensive of the Jura machines, so if you’re already familiar with some of the features, don’t assume they’re included with this model. The other Jura espresso machines have features like illuminated cup holders, stronger sliding spouts, two heating blocks, larger water tanks and larger bean hoppers. The Impressa C9 is still impressive, no doubt, but there are a few features that were cut back on to make for a more attractive machine in terms of price.

jura impressa c9 one touch coffee machine

If you enjoy the coffee and espresso machines made by Jura and have more room in the budget, the Jura J9 One-Touch TFT Coffee Machine is a purchase worth considering. It highly utilizes the one-touch features and incorporates the Thin Film Technology that produces exceptional coffees with the push of a button. If your espresso hobby hasn’t quite reached these heights, consider the less expensive and more beginner-friendly Jura Capresso Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center that makes coffee in less than 60 seconds thanks to 18-bars of pump pressure. You won’t get as many options, but espresso machine reviews agree the Capresso is a great machine nonetheless.

Final Verdict

If you want a quality machine that will allow you to experiment with a variety of beans, strengths and temperatures, the Impressa C9 is an excellent choice. With superior espresso machine reviews, an intuitive LED display and forward-thinking performance features, you can expect that the Jura will be with you for years to come.

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