Cappuccino, Latte or Espresso

By | September 4, 2014

Cappuccino, Latte or Espresso: How To Identify A Serial Killer?

cappuccino latte or espresso

cappuccino latte or espresso

You’re at a coffee shop, and the guy sitting at the adjacent table suddenly makes you his object of observation. Or, you’ve been asked to a coffee date. You have some pretty serious and even awkward questions about the person, in each of the cases. Is he Prince Charming? What if he’s a creep? Is she as nerdy as she looks? Or could she be a potential serial killer? Asking directly would be rude, but finding answers is necessary. So, how to find out more about a person without being the next Sherlock Holmes? The answer is so simple; you might choke on your gasp. Just pay attention to their choice of coffee. Yes, you heard me right.

Psychologists and researchers have deduced that a person’s coffee preference, says a lot more about his personality than he’d like to admit. Therefore, according to the various styles of coffee, following is a classification of personality traits.

The Black (coffee) Swan:

He is honest and tells things the way he sees it. He prefers sugar neither in his coffee nor in his words. He hates everything fake. This person is a minimalist; for him, less is more. He loathes pointless drama. He’s highly ambitious and equally efficient and also has a great sense of clarity, which makes him an expert in financial matters.

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Cappuccino Charlie:

If the name Charlie reminds you of the beloved Charlie Chaplin, you’re on the right track (though I’m not sure if Chaplin was into cappuccino!). The cappuccino lover is cute, affable and loving. He’s a hard-worker. He puts 100% into everything he does. He is creative, honest and very passionate. Though a little shy, he is highly imaginative and full of positive energy. There is not one person who can stay upset at this person for a long time.

The fun Frappuccino:

He is one free spirit and is brimming with energy. He is high on life and is a thrill-seeker. Being around this person is nothing short of one big party. He is always active, so much so that someone needs to put a clamp on all that energy.

The Energetic Espresso: (what is espresso coffee)

He’s experienced about most things in life, but that doesn’t stop him from being adventurous. He’s exciting and energetic and often you’ll find him talking really fast. He’s always looking for a good time. However watch out, he’s has a reputation for sudden mood-swings.

The Lovey Latte:

This person just needs to be loved by all. Secretly, a latte lover is still a little child at heart and it is this quality that makes him worry-free. All the same, he enjoys savoring each and every flavor that life has to offer.

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The Mushy Mocha:

You can safely call this person a hopeless romantic. He loves everything that has anything to do with love. However, beware; he’s a flirt and a massive commitment-phobe.

The Impatient Instant:

The instant coffee lover is always in a rush. He is fast, upfront and cheerful. He lives every moment as if his last.

The Dainty Decaf:

This person is all about high maintenance. He wants things to be done EXACTLY how he wants. He’s an attention-seeker and highly sanctimonious.

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