Chemex Coffee Makers: To Buy Or Not To Buy

By | March 26, 2014

chemex coffee makers

Chemex Coffee Makers: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Chemex coffee makers—this is a coffee maker that coffee addicts will love. That is, if you are a coffee addict that looks more on the flavor and not on the design or the fancy mechanisms. If you are after the utter simplicity and bliss of making slow brewing coffee, you will genuflect at the sight of this.

coffee makers made in usa

chemex coffee makers

chemex coffee makers

Chemex coffee brewers are without the trappings of electrical plugs. You use your stove top—an honest to goodness blissful way of making coffee.

Now, you might ask why anyone would want to buy a chemex coffee brewer when they can have the convenience of using automatic coffee makers like the ones offered by Bodum or Cuisinart or Mr. Coffee? I know most people cannot be bothered with waiting a couple of minutes for their coffee to brew which is why automatic coffee makers are selling like hot cakes in this day and age when time is of the essence.

But the truth is, while most automatic coffee makers make great tasting coffee, the taste still does not hold a candle to what traditional coffee brewers can do.

Such is the case of chemex drip coffee maker. It is practically fool-proof to buy this coffee maker. It is inexpensive. Far more inexpensive than your average traditional coffee brewer.

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coffee makers made in usa

chemex coffee makers

chemex coffee makers


Most automatic coffee brewers cannot be adjusted to suit the taste of consumers when it comes to coffee. Sure they find ways to tweak it a little bit so that they can have the desired taste but if they cannot find the right technique, then they have to contend with what the coffee maker gives them. This is what makes Chemex coffee makers appealing—you get to have your desired coffee strength.

It does not stay hot for a long period of time, what more can you expect from a traditional coffee brewer? But you can save electricity. If you only drink coffee in the morning or evening, then by all means use it only in the morning and evening. Besides, although automatic coffee makers keep the coffee hot for a long period of time, some of them burn the coffee.

Chemex coffee brewers is also easy to clean. No need to disassemble the parts, clean it and put it back again. So in more ways than one, it does saves you more time than you think it could.

If these perks appeal to you, then Chemex coffee makers are the ideal coffee brewer for you. These are also available in small and large brew coffee makers so you have a wide range to choose from.

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