Cleaning your coffee pot

By | February 22, 2015

how to clean stainless steel coffee pot
How To Clean Stainless Steel Coffee Pot

Stainless steel coffee pots are one of the most common coffee pots. If you are also using the same to satisfy your coffee cravings, it is very important for you to know how to clean a stainless steel coffee pot. In order to ensure a rich taste for your coffee, make sure that your coffee pot is thoroughly cleaned.

What is more, you must check the instruction manual regarding the maintenance of the stainless steel coffee pot before you go ahead with a specific method to clean the pot. Every coffee machine comes with an instruction manual that explains the procedure of operation and things associated with the maintenance of the machine and the pot. Let me give you a brief insight into some of the effective methods to clean the stainless steel coffee pot.

The Most Common Method

Let’s start with the most common method in this regard. This method includes the following steps.

· Wash with warm soapy water

· Rinse the pot. You should rinse all parts of the coffee pot thoroughly.

· Dry the pot using a lint-free towel.

Some Do’s And Don’ts

· You can use a soap-filled steel wool pad to remove hard water deposits. Alternatively, you can dissolve 1-2 tablespoons cream of tartar in water in order to rinse the stainless steel pot thoroughly.

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· You should not use alkalis, such as chlorine bleach or baking soda.

· In order to remove stubborn stains, you are recommended to use a commercial coffeepot cleaner.

· If the stainless steel coffee pot is attached to an electric drip coffeemaker machine, you need better methods to remove the minerals and scale build up from hard water. The best method is to use a solution of half water and half white vinegar.

· If the buildup is heavy, you may need to run heated solution through the unit, that too, many times. However, regular cleaning will not put you into such difficult situations.

· Once you are through, you are recommended to use plain cold water through a cycle so that the all traces are removed.

How to Clean Your Coffee Maker Video

Only a clean percolator coffee pot can brew the coffee with the best taste and flavor.

final verdict: Descaling a Coffee Maker

When we use regular tap water in our coffee makers it is a matter of time before mineral deposits from that water start to build up on heating elements and glass parts. There are a couple of pretty basic ways to clean this scale off.

1. Vinegar. Mix a small amount of vinegar with a carafe full of water and run it through your coffee maker. Vinegar will break down and clear away the mineral deposits, resulting in clean heating elements, water pathways and carafe. This is cheap and effective. The only problem is that is can leave a vinegar odor and taste behind.

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2. For a little bit more money, you can buy a commercial product like Dezcal (5 Pack – $7.45) to do the trick without the smell. This product is recommended for the Keurig K Cup coffee makers.

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