cocoa latte hot drink maker

By | September 6, 2014

Cocoa Latte Machine Hot Drink Maker

So lots of people are raving about the Cocoa Latte Machine from Back to Basics. Not only can you use it for cocoa, but also other liquids such as coffee, tea, cider, mulled wine and hot toddies. Someone suggested using it for keeping broth hot when making risotto. So it’s not just a uni-tasker cocoa-making machine.

You can justify having it for lots of reasons. Even if you were just using it for cocoa, it’s well worth it for the cocoa lover in all of us. Amazon has some of the best deals for the Cocoa Latte Machine for Brand New machines. Check out the deals below:

cocoa latte hot drink maker

Why is the Cocoa Latte Machine better than just doing it yourself?
Because it automatically makes the best cup of cocoa for you. It heats it up to the perfect temperature of 167 degrees Fahrenheit and then whips it up when you’re ready to dispense it, making a nice frothy layer on top. For those who just would empty an instant envelope into a cup and then add hot water, this will be a big step up in enjoyment for you.

And for those that like to be the gourmet and make your own hot chocolate on the stovetop, this will be a big step up in enjoyment for you as well. You don’t have to hover over the pot, making sure the milk doesn’t boil and bubble over the top of your pan and all over your stove. Just put all the ingredients in the container and press go. In a matter of minutes you have a gourmet cup of frothy hot cocoa, coffee, tea or whatever your heart and tongue desires.

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Some Product Features of The Cocoa Latte Hot Drink Maker

It’s has a non-stick container that’s easy to clean. But it’s best if you clean it immediately after your done with your drink. A simple quick rinse with soap in hot water will do the trick. If you wait too long, like any other dirty dish, things start to dry up and stick and it will make it harder for you to clean. There’s only 2 pieces, the container and base, which makes for easy clean-up.

The Cocoa Latte Machine comes with a recipe booklet containing 35 drink recipes for you to try out. Lots of possibilities for drinks you would like but never thought to mix up on your own. I like the fact that you don’t have to use their mixes or aren’t limited to ingredients. If you have your own recipe for hot cocoa, you can use it or whatever new ones you may find.

Once the unit heats up to the perfect temperature, it automatically shuts off so you don’t have to worry about it overheating. A very nice feature.
Tips When Using Your Cocoa Latte Machine

Already mentioned previously, but try to wash it soon after you use it. Makes for a much easier and faster cleanup.

When cleaning you will have the dispenser spigot in the open position. Make sure you put it back to the closed position after drying and storing. This way the next time you use it you won’t have any unexpected spills out of the opened dispenser (oops, forgot to close) when adding your ingredients.

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Add some flavorings like vanilla extract or flavored syrups to your cocoa to kick it up a notch.

Take it camping. One of the reviewers mentioned this and I think it’s a great idea. They said it’s for the kids, but I’m guessing the adults enjoy it just as well. 😉
Where to Buy your Cocoa Latte Machine and Get the Best Price

Besides eBay, Amazon has a good price on the machine as well. Click on the link below where you can read additional reviews and make your purchase, if desired:

From Amazon – Mr. Coffee Cafe Cocoa Hot Chocolate Maker, Black

Caution: how to find out more about a person without being the next Sherlock Holmes?! Cappuccino, Latte or Espresso
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