Coffee Flavoring Drops

By | December 24, 2014

coffee flavoring drops

Coffee Flavoring Drops
Coffee Flavoring Drops allows you to flavor your coffee on an individual basis if you wanted to have a different flavored coffee each morning. We found Capella Coffee Flavor Drops as a great option for flavoring our own coffee. They are highly concentrated flavors that are non-oil based and water soluble.

Each 4-fluid ounce squeeze bottle, currently priced at $5.95 per bottle, will flavor over 120 8-ounce cups of coffee. There are no fats, calories, sweeteners, preservatives, additives, gluten or carbohydrates in the coffee shots, just concentrated flavor. The flavor is 450 times more concentrated than coffee syrups and because they are not sweetened you can control how much sugar or not you want in your coffee, natural or artificial.

So instead of buying sweetened coffee syrups or whole bags of one-flavored coffee, you can now flavor your coffee by the cup. This works well for families or even at the workplace where different individuals may want different flavorings for their coffee.

You control how much flavor you want for each cup by adjusting the amount of drops. Typically you will use anywhere between 3-5 drops for each 8-ounce serving. We have found that 3 drops are plenty. We have also used the drops in our teas, to flavor warmed milk and for desserts, so they are a multipurpose product.

Some of the flavors they offer include various chocolate flavors including chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate glazed doughnut, double chocolate, dutch chocolate mint, chocolate rasberry and more.

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Other flavors include french vanilla, cinnamon coffee cake, cinnamon danish swirl, french toast, egg nog, Irish cream, Kahlua, New York Cheese cake, pumpkin spice, toasted almond, graham cracker, pralines and cream, gingerbread, amaretto, toffee, cappuccino, vanilla custard and hazelnut, just to name a few. A flavor for everyone!

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