coffee machine italian

By | October 13, 2013

coffee machine italian

DeLonghi EC5 steam espresso and cappuccino maker.

coffee machine italian

coffee machine italian

You’ll get a good and robust cup of flavorful espresso, latte, or cappuccino from theDeLonghi EC5.

The fact that you can adjust it to produce 1 or 2 cups of coffee according to what you need then and there is an extra bonus.

You can rely on this machine to give you a nice relaxing latte every morning without too many hurdles to jump through.

Taste is definitely something you won’t have to compromise on because of the low price. This convenient machine makes espresso that can match that from fancier machines in taste and frothiness. However, do make sure you make your lattes one at a time to ensure lots of foam formation.

Some, however, have complained of it not being powerful enough for the steaming of a Latte full of milk. An extra steam cycle may be needed to achieve the desired results.

Ease of Use

coffee machine italian

coffee machine italian


The DeLonghi EC5 is quite convenient to use since it lets you brew double coffee cups at the same time. Driven by steam, its heat resistant carafe makes things easier for you by letting you pop that into the dishwasher once you’re done.

The only thing you might find a bit inconvenient is the frothing wand, which is way too short to work properly. It’ll take a good deal of practice before you begin frothing milk up like a pro with this one.

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I Would Recommend the Gaggia Platinum Vision Best Pump Espresso Machine

Build Quality
• Flexible Nozzles: The DeLonghi EC5 sports 2 different nozzles that let you fill up 1 big mug at a time or two regular-sized ones side by side at the same time. The nozzles are close enough to work for both without any spills.
• Cool-to-Touch Carafe – The cool-to-touch handles are one of the greatest features of this DeLonghi espresso machine. This lets you carry it to other parts of the kitchen for filling up empty mugs with espresso and lets you easily remove the carafe from the machine.
• High Power – Backed with a full 800 watts worth of power, this is so powerful that your water will heat up to make a perfect cappuccino within 2-3 minutes. While other brands may have higher than 800 watts of power, the difference in time taken really is just a couple of minutes.
• Easy-to-Use Power Switch – The illuminated switch for on/off functions lets you and other household members easily check whether or not the machine is warming up. Younger children can be taught to exercise precaution around the machine by checking the light.


It only costs about $40.00, which is much cheaper than some other espresso machines, especially considering the great quality you’re getting here. The FND111Alegro from Krupps which is priced similarly is much less durable and reliable than this DeLonghi EC5.

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Steam Wand
Convenient Adapter for making 2-cup coffee
Swivel Jet Frother
Large drip tray( removable)


This machine can brew you a fantastic tasting cup of coffee at any time of day. The 2 different nozzles allow you to fill up 2 cups simultaneously or make yourself one big cup, whichever you want. This versatile feature saves you lots of time when you’re making your spouse and yourself espresso. Its additional safety features make it a good fit for use in small family homes. Learn more about italian espresso coffee machine

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