coffee maker for camping outdoor use

By | June 1, 2014

coffee maker for camping
Camping coffee maker—every self-confessed camper has one. Nothing can add to the pleasure of waking up amidst the beauty of nature but a good cup of coffee—especially when your fingers are frozen solid.

If you do not have a camping coffee maker yet and would love to add this to your collection of camping must-haves, what should you buy?

There are so many brands in the market. But the first thing that a camper should think of is the durability of their camping gears and tools. So for coffee makers, it has to be made from strong stuffs so it will not break.

To help you out in your search, we have collected some good reviews about the best camping coffee machines in the market today. You might want to try this brand:
Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

When it comes to anything that involves camping, Coleman is a constant presence. They have a variety of coffee makers to choose from that is ideal for outdoor use.

One particular product model that has received really good ratings is the Coleman 5008C700T Camping coffee machine. It makes up to 10 cups of coffee in no time at all. It is not only efficient in making coffee, you can also make oatmeal or hot choco using this.

You can even use this in your own home, just stick it on your gas stove. This makes a good stove coffee maker.

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If you want to use good old percolator and you cannot be bothered with carrying a heavy coffee maker, then try Coleman 14-cup coffee enamelware percolator. It is made out of steel and aluminum so you are assured of its durability. Aluminum and stainless steel coffee makers also regulate heat to keep your coffee hot for a long time.

This coffee maker also makes flavorful coffee. Some who have tried it even say that it makes coffee better that drip coffee machines.

This brand is ideal, but there are also other brands out there worth trying. You just have to know what you need. If you are backtracking, ditch the heavier equipments and go for more compact, lighter ones.

You should know the situation in your campsite. If you do not expect electricity to be available, choose one that can be or cannot be powered by electricity. A percolator would be nice.

It also has to be a no-fuss coffee maker. It should be easy to clean and easy to carry around. It should also be made from durable materials.

Enhance your whole camping experience with a great camping coffee maker. Waking up with a great tasting coffee in the morning can jump start your camping day.

coffee maker for camping

coffee maker for camping

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