coleman coffee maker

By | May 11, 2013

Coleman Coffee Maker

The Coleman Company is an American company based in Wichita, Kansas which specializes in camping gear as well as other outdoor recreational products. The company was founded by W C Coleman who began selling lamps in the nineteen hundreds in Oklahoma before moving to Kansas in 1902. Most famous for its camping lanterns which use propane or kerosene, the company has now expanded its product varieties to include many appliances and various types of gear campers need on their camping trips such as coolers, tents, showers, stoves, water jugs and coffee makers.

Camping aficionados will love the Coleman coffee maker. This coffee maker has made having a perfect cup of brew in the middle of any rainforest in the remotest regions of the world possible. The Coleman coffee maker works by putting a paper or a mesh filter in it, just like any kitchen coffee maker, and then putting the whole contraption on a stove top. For campers, this would be the propane type of camping stove. The water in the Coleman coffee maker is stored in a reservoir made of metal just under the carafe. When the stove is on, it heats the water and forces it through a drip system.

These coffee makers take more time to brew coffee than a regular kitchen coffee maker. However, the quality of coffee it produces makes it worth the wait. Due to not having an electric heater, the coffee contained in the carafe does not stay hot very long, unlike when you plug a coffee maker into an electric outlet. This, however, can be said for all the cups of coffee made in the camp situation. A good solution for this is to put the coffee straight into a thermal insulated thermos to preserve its warmth.

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Coleman coffee makers not only drip-brews coffee like a regular kitchen coffee maker, it can create other things as well. This coffee maker also makes other hot drinks like instant soup, hot cocoa or hot apple cider. There is a removable swing-out filter basket that is easy to clean. The solid steel base is durable and easy to pack. The easy pour decanter is in a very handy shape and brews up to ten cups of coffee. There is a pause and serve feature as well for your convenience.

This model works with two and three burner camp stoves. Ten minutes is all it takes to enjoy a fresh brewed cup of piping hot coffee in the middle of your fishing or hiking adventure. The one year limited warranty it comes in is hardly needed as this product is as tough as it gets. The height of this product is fourteen inches, its width is eleven and a quarter inches and its thickness is nine and a quarter inches, making it fit in the most cramped camping backpack really easily.

If you don’t need a ten-cup coffee maker for your camp site, you can also just take along the one liter capacity French press which the Coleman Company makes as well. A French press will give you the option of making tea or coffee anywhere, anytime. The disadvantage of the French Press over the Coleman coffee maker is that you need to boil water separately for the French Press, whereas the coffee maker makes its own brew.

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