cuisinart ss-700 product description

By | October 19, 2015

Cuisinart SS-700 Product Description

cuisinart ss-700 product descriptionCuisinart ss700 single serve coffee maker is indeed entertaining and perfect for personal and office use. This 19-pound coffeemaker is capable of providing fresh drinks in less than a minute! It is really amazing. You have four options when it comes to preferred cup size. These four options are 4, 6, 8, and 10 ounces.

One good thing about Cuisinart ss-700 is that it produces perfect hot beverage no matter how big your cup is. It is easy and convenient to use so you don’t need to have technical skills in using them.


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The Features:

Let’s have a peek with the excellent features of Cuisinart ss700 home brewing system.

  • Measures 10.2in x 13.5in x 12.1in
  • Weighs 18.2 pounds
  • All of its parts that come in contact with water is Bisphenol A (BPA) free that is why it is really safe to use
  • It has a charcoal water filter
  • LCD with blue backlight
  • Digital clock
  • Automatic on and off feature
  • Frequent refills will surely be eliminated because the unit has a large water reservoir weighing 80 ounces
  • It has five cup sizes, which includes a beverage setting for iced drinks
  • It has a removable dip tray which is mainly used for tall travel mugs

More details about it!

The Good
  • It has the capability to brew your favorite beverage in less than a minute
  • You may choose among the four brewing size options, making it flexible when it comes to the amount of the drink that you desire
  • Its programmable features will allow you to customize its usage
  • It is not just user-friendly, but also health-friendly because its parts do not contain harmful elements
The Bad
  • You cannot remove the water inside the machine
  • It has poor design
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cuisinart ss-700 product description
Cuisinart ss-700 single serve coffee maker is extremely suitable for:

  • Personal use whether at home or in the office
  • Kids who love to make their own drink safely
  • Hot or cold beverages
  • Busy mothers who don’t have much time to prepare for beverages during dinner time

Cuisinart ss-700 home brewing system is unique in its own way. Its features make it unique among its competitors. It’s safe and easy to use and clean. It is perfect for hot or cold beverages. Its parts are indeed safe so you won’t be bothered if your kids would use it to prepare their drinks. You may bring this in the office as well. You may share it with your colleagues and friends. It is not too big so it is not necessary for you to look for a very spacious space wherein you will place it.

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For further help when it comes to decision-making in buying this product, read the other customer’s reviews here.

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