delonghi bar32 espresso maker

By | October 2, 2013

delonghi bar32 espresso maker

delonghi bar32 retro style espresso maker

delonghi bar32 espresso maker

delonghi bar32 espresso maker

The delonghi bar32 espresso maker is an affordable pump-driven espresso maker that comes equipped with both a single and double filter for your espresso. Its ‘retro look’ is quite fun to use. Also, if you prefer using regular coffee mugs in place of espresso cups, this is a good option. retro style espresso machine


It’s a great machine for starter coffee makers. The coffee produced is foamy and sports a nice little crema owing to the reservoir on the back. It can however be a bit difficult to make a double espresso with this machine.

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Delonghi Bar32 Retro Style Espresso Maker, Black Ease of Use

Even if you’re an entry-level coffee maker, you’ll find your way around the frother and foam maker on this easily navigated machine. It lets you avoid any troublesome prep for start-up by offering you a ‘self-priming’ option. It also accommodates many kinds of espresso pods. You can use either E.S.E pods or ground espresso with the machine. The pods aren’t proprietary, so you can use any brand. However, espresso pods can be expensive if used regularly.

We’ve also seen lots of complaints of DeLonghi customer service. Repairs are seen to take months and defective machines have been sent out several times in the past. So, you’ll be taking a risk by investing in a DeLonghi.

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Build Quality

Large Coffee Drip-Tray and Filter. This lets you use the conventional coffee mug under this machine directly.
Strong Swivel Jet Frother. The frother is easy to use and never fails to make a perfect cup of coffee.
Fantastic Steam Wand. This steam wand works really well and will help you put together lots of good lattes and cappuccinos. It’s a little too short and can cause some cramming when used. Pull it to the edge of your counter so you can fit a proper mug beneath it. Steam right into milk mug and then add in the espresso.
2 Separate Thermostats. These let you brew your coffee to the perfect temperature every time. The thermostats control the steam and water pressure separately.
Medium Durability. The 15-bar pressure pump makes good easy coffee. However, the stainless steel boiler is likely to give way within 4 or less years of use. So, keep this in mind.
32-Ounce Water Reservoir. That’s big enough to let you make 3-4 cappuccinos or 6-8 espresso without any refills.
Built-In Tamper. You can tell that DeLonghi has put in careful thought for design on the BAR32. The built-in tamper gives you one less part to lose.


DeLonghi BAR32 will cost you $116.49. That makes it an inexpensive option for self-makes of coffee with a tight budget. And you won’t be compromising much in terms of taste, quality and ease of use.

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Accessories That Come With the Machine

18 Illy Pods
Steam Wand
Swivel Jet Frother


The DeLonghi BAR, as previously mentioned, is good for beginners. But, you’ll crave an update in 3-4 more years’ time. However, it will let you know if the coffee dream is worthy of pursuit without burning a hole in your pocket. It is one of the few espresso machines that we’d be ready to part with our money for.

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