DeLonghi ESAM3500.N

By | January 10, 2015

DeLonghi ESAM3500.N Magnifica Digital Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

delonghi esam3500 n
The Magnifica model offers more in the way of digital functions than their less expensive models, such as the EASM 3300.

Our Review

With the high cost of drinks from specialty coffee shops, more consumers are choosing to purchase their own coffee and espresso machines for home use. While the price of some of these espresso machines can seem rather expensive at first, the savings over time more than justify the initial high cost.

Espresso machine reviews tend to agree on one thing: as inventors of some of the trendiest coffee drinks, the Italians are widely acknowledged to make some of the best espresso machines. DeLonghi is an Italian company that has produced high quality appliances for decades. They bring their vast engineering and manufacturing experience to the design of their sleek, multi-function espresso machines.

The best espresso machines incorporate a variety of functions into one machine, and this model is no exception. There is a function providing both a milk steamer and a milk frother in a container that consumers can detach and store in the refrigerator for later use. Three different cup sizes ensure that the machine will dispense the exact amount of coffee desired.

DeLonghi’s innovative burr grinder is incorporated into the design, ensuring that the beans are fresh and ground to the perfect grade required for the type of bean being brewed. The coffee bean dispenser holds seven ounces of beans. With normal use the machine will only need to be filled two or three times a month.

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Cleanup is simple as all detachable parts of the machine are entirely dishwasher-safe. In addition, a built-in decalcification alarm alerts the consumer to clean the machine at regular intervals for optimal brewing.

Hot Coffee Girl

This model also incorporates luxury functions found in the best espresso machines, such as integrated cup warmers to heat the cup before dispensing coffee. This keeps the coffee warmer for a longer amount of time. An ingenious timer system will turn on at the specified time and switch off to avoid overheating.

Connoisseurs of coffee and espresso machines will appreciate the range of functions, variety of coffee drinks, and the quality craftsmanship. This model offers no less than 15 bars of pressure that will inject hot water into the coffee grounds for optimal brewing. The machine’s 1,150 watts of power allow for quick core heat up, perfect for those needing a cup in a hurry. The machine also features a hot water spout that allows consumers to make tea, hot chocolate, and other hot drinks with ease.

DeLonghi has a favorable record of accomplishment in espresso machine reviews, where most consumers praise their commitment to customer service, quality, and innovative design. The Magnifica model offers more in the way of digital functions than their less expensive models, such as the EASM 3300. The more expensive EASM 5500M offers all of the same functionality as this model, but with a larger footprint and height. The 3500N falls exactly in the middle of their product line in terms of price, but offers a range of functions available in models that are more expensive. This makes the 3500N excellent value for the money.

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