espresso and cappuccino cups

By | October 27, 2013

Espresso and Cappuccino Cups

Cappuccino Cups – Cappuccino is made of steamed milk, espresso and hot milk; cappuccino is an Italian coffee. Actually, the difference between cappuccino and cafe late is that cappuccino is made using less steam than cafe late that using more texture milk and more steam.

Drinking has foam on top to warm the objective of the conservation of heat, or rather, that the drink to stay for a longer time. In short, the foam acts as an insulator.

Drink traditionally served in a porcelain cup, called a cappuccino cup.
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With using high-quality ware and nice color and shape, coffee will taste better. Usually coffee is served very hot, so it should need heat resistant enough for the coffee and should be insulated to avoid burning your hands while holding it. It is recommended to use a thicker ware to make your coffee stay hot for longer time.

Each kind of coffee drink has its own special cups. The standard sizes of cappuccino cups are six oz. It is not recommended to use smaller cups because it will lack the combination of espresso, hot milk and milk foam.

You can choose the cappuccino cups with unique shapes, colors, motifs or picture. Cappuccino cups traditionally are made from glazed ceramic.

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Cappuccino cups are for coffee lover who values a cup that combines functional design, quality and fun factor. With the right size, shape and thickness of cappuccino cups create a perfect cappuccino.

Cappuccino Cups

You can make cappuccino cups and saucers as a gift for your friends or relatives who love coffee. Italian cappuccino cups and saucers are nice as a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, retirement gifts or any other occasion.

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