Espresso lever machine

By | July 21, 2015

Espresso lever machine
Breville BES860XL

The procedure, and time required for the older method of preparing fresh coffee is off-putting; the answer to these problems is now removed by coffee machines such as the Espresso lever machine. The main factors for most people when choosing a coffee machine are the coffee’s quality the time taken, efficiency of procedure, and the price.

The breville Bes860XL is capable of doing all this in under a minute. Unlike other equipment, both novices and professionals can use this machine to prepare a cup of coffee with ease. It comes with various features that simplify the coffee-making experience.

lever espresso machine price
One such feature is the set of conical burrs. The burrs optimize the surface area available for extraction of flavor from the beans. In addition, the hopper comes with a locking mechanism that simplifies the removal and transfer process of all the coffee beans.

Users get to specify how they would like their coffee ground. This is possible by the grind settings that range from fine to coarse. Apart from choosing the particle size, quantity can also be changed. Filter settings come into use when the appliance is dispensing the coffee. An individual gets to choose between using a single filter and using a double filter.
Once chosen, the apparatus will discharge the right amount of coffee based on the filter that’s set by the person operating the apparatus.

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Steaming has also been improved as compared to other gadgets. An auto purge function is in place to adjust the water temperatures during the preparation exercise. The automatic adjustments work very well with the frothing jug that comes with this piece of equipment. Furthermore, a very small amount of water is necessary at the beginning.
Programming is another major selling point for this equipment. Users are able to program the machine to either dispense in singles or double. This can be done at the press of a button. To access this, one should start by pressing the program button from which you are then able to use the two available options.

The design adopted in its manufacture is also top of the line. All the major exterior parts manufactured from stainless steel material. Areas like the knobs and hoppers are made from plastic. This, however, does not affect its appearance in any way.
Like all coffee-making machines, cleaning is usually done at the end of the day. The drip tray comes with an indicator that displays a prompt when it becomes full. The cleaning exercise is quite easy and users are advised to make sure that they clean the steam wand as soon as soon as they have finished using the machine.

The Espresso lever machine comes ready to use with all the needed equipment readily available. Filter baskets, carbon filters and the milk jug are all included during packaging. This is an appliance that has reduced the effort required to make a good cup of coffee within no time.

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