espresso machine breville

By | March 8, 2014

espresso machine breville

Best Espresso Machine – Breville Barista Express BES860XL

breville barista express bes860xl


Definitely the Breville Barista Express BES860Xl is the best espresso machine for two reasons (read below).

As you probably already know what makes a good espresso it is both the machine and the grinder (of course the coffee beans quality is also important). And this machine has both.

The instructions give you a great introduction to making good espresso, how to adjust the grind/tamp pressure, and I have no trouble getting great espresso shots. In fact, it makes rich crema shots. Read what the book says and you will do great lattes and espressos.

Below I list some of the features but you can read more about it at Amazon where buyers talks about the pros and cons. Simply go here or keep reading below.

Some of the great features of the Breville Barista Express BES860XL  (here)

The Breville has an integrated conical burr grinder. Again, this makes it IMHO the best espresso machine. As a matter of fact, this is by far the most important feature for any grinder.

You see, there two types of grinders. Blade grinders and conical burr grinders. The latter are the best since you can adjust the level of the coarseness of the grind. Sometimes the grinder itself can be much more expensive than the espresso maker but, you have it on this one for “free”. It comes with a sealed bean hopper with 8oz capacity.

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Also, it has a 15 Bar Italian-designed Thermoblock Pump which is a great size for a good quality espresso and cappuccino.

With the programmable or manual settings feature you can choose whether using the factory settings or your own. This feature allows you to make a long or short (stretto) espresso.

I have to admit that the factory settings produced too little coffee for me though. But the great thing is that you can reprogram the amount of espresso dispensed with a three button presses so you get the amount you want every time from that point on.

And of course, it comes with a removable 67oz water tank with water filtration system.

This is definitely the best espresso machine for both espressos and lattes. Even though my wife has no idea how to use the machine which I kind of like it (I’m very jealous) she enjoys every morning the cappuccino I make for her.

Using the milk frost is very easy and I’m getting better over time. The other day my wife invited her girlfriends over and I was their “barista”. They couldn’t believe that the lattes and espresso I made were “home” made. I even did for them the famous rosetta and heart.

Yes, you have to know the right technique and/or hand movements to do them. But the secret is in the frother. Give the world’s champion barista a cheap machine with bad quality frother and see what happens. He will never be able to do latte arts, that for sure. Only the best espresso machine can do that. No question!

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You can get this Braville espresso machine on Amazon at 25% off by clicking here. Just go there and read all reviews and see if this machine is for you.

Having your own coffee maker at home can give you lots of benefits, especially if you are a coffee lover. Drinking latte every day allows people to feel relaxed and satisfied. For some people, they love drinking the lattes and espresso because this is their form of relaxation. With nespresso milk frother, you can now make your own latte anytime you want.

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