Espresso Machine Great Balance of Price and Quality

By | May 9, 2015

Gaggia 35008 Carezza Espresso Machine Product Review

easy to use espresso machine
Make the Cappuccino of Your Dreams!

The heat was on to find the best cappuccino maker that I could afford; I had decided that I had enough of my frequent trips to Starbucks, followed by the frequent diminishing of my disposable income bank account. The cost of my coffee habit had taken its toll in more areas than one, and making my morning fix at home soon became my last resort. However, uncompromising on quality and keeping the key benefits of a good espresso proved to be a challenge; not all espresso machines are alike. I did, however, find the capuccinno-maker of my dreams; the Gaggia 350078 Carezza Espresso machine is a full-featured, high-quality, and deserving addition to the modern and efficient kitchen.

In order to begin an adequate search, I had to outline exactly what my dream caffeine provider would need to offer; priming, brewing, and frothing milk are the key steps to make the best espresso drink, and ‘crema’ is the result of a perfectly poured espresso. Crema is the creamy, golden top to a perfect pour. It is a signature mark of a professional barista, and cannot be created without exactly the right amount of pressure, steam, and water. I was looking for a sleek, modern design, as well as the ability to pour espresso shots in a reasonable amount of time.

Espresso itself is simply a version of coffee that has been pressed through high pressure with water; the result is the highly potent and caffeinated side-effect most of us have fallen in love with. Decaf versions, of course, are still available so drinkers can enjoy their cappuccino or latte without the buzz. The Gaggia Carezza Espresso machine was able to deliver on all accounts; priming, brewing, frothing, and pouring were perfect time and tiem again. The minimal preparation required, as well as ease to clean the machine, made this a top pick.

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If standard espresso is too much for your taste, the variations of cappuccinos, lattes, and iced drinks offer coffee lovers the addition of steamed, creamy, and frothy milk. My favorite drink is the caramel macchiato; devised from a Starbucks recipe, the drink calls for perfectly steamed milk, topped with latte-style foam, caramel flavoring, and a shot of espresso to finish off the deal. Drizzle with melted caramel and you have a Starbucks look-a-like. As for ‘taste-a-like,’ the Gaggia 35008 Carezza Espresso Machine I purchased was able to create just that!

The process begins with the priming stage of coffee grounds. I opted for the high-quality Lavazza Italia; this robust and dark espresso ground is a must for all espresso fans. Using the Gaggia 35008 Carezza Espresso Machine, you are able to fill the allotted coffee filter to the brim without worries of spilling or leaking. The coffee is run through the machine, as the Carezza Espresso machine takes care of the priming for you! The filter devices offer both single and dual heads, you can easily pour two espresso shots at once. The whole process took under 3 minutes in most cases, and provided an even pour and plenty of crema to enjoy!

The Turbo-charged frothing device offered the steamed milk and froth that was comparable to a professional drink; the Turbo-Charged frother is easy to assemble and use, and can create froth in a matter of minutes. I’ve found that using a chilled, stainless steel pitcher helps the milk froth better and the Turbo-Charged frother of the Carezza makes the process simple and convenient.

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Cleaning the Carezza Espresso machine is also an efficient process; it is as easy as cleaning a regular coffee machine, and the stainless steel materials provide easy wipe downs and convenient rinsing. I use a cleaning solution of baking soda and water to clean out the frother, coffee filter, and filter devices.

Overall, the Gaggia 35008 Carezza Espresso Machine is my top choice for a contemporary, modern, sleek, and efficient machine that can produce drinks comparable to most coffeehouses. The Gaggia 35008 Carezza Espresso Machine retails for under $200, and is available at further discounts and lower prices online. Gaggia also offers a series of coffee grinders, miniature espresso machines, and additional models.

easy to use espresso machine
Still, the Carezza Espresso Machine is outstanding. It offers a simple and high-tech technology to deliver consistent pours, and the Turbo-Charged frothing tool helps to recreate your dream cappuccino or other espresso favorite!


  1. The Gaggia 35008 Carezza Espresso Machine offers a great balance of price and quality.
  2. The easy-to-use format and convenient design make the Carezza very user-friendly and versatile.
  3. The perfect Espresso drink from home is finally possible with the Carezza!

krups xp5220 this machine allows to enjoy espresso at home

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