espresso maker for home use

By | September 15, 2015

espresso maker for home use

espresso maker for home use

Short review of the Philips Saeco coffee maker RI9376/04 model.

If you very much love coffee, but are not ready to get the coffee machine yet, we recommend to you to get acquainted with this wonderful coffee maker. Derive pleasure from favourite fragrant drink every day!

Refined design and functionality

Coffee – one of the most widespread and favourite many drinks. If you the real judge of this strong drink with delightful aroma, you have to get the stylish Philips Saeco RI9376/04 coffee maker. Only present: every morning she will treat you with fragrant coffee drinks, helping to wake up and receive properly an excellent charge of cheerfulness for all day. Or will help to hold a meeting with business partners in a warm situation if you get it for the office. This model well looks in any interior, thanks to classical black color and elegant outlines of the case. This model very compact therefore it will be easy to you to find for it a suitable place.

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The coffee maker has a capacity of 950 W and pressure of 15 bars that will allow to cook coffee drinks quickly and most qualitatively, with observance of all necessary details. Tank volume for water makes 1,25 l, therefore, it is possible to prepare at once some cups of coffee. The design of the device gives the chance to pour at once two portions. Thanks to the special Crema filter on every portion of espresso the beautiful and appetizing skin as if coffee for you were prepared by the professional in a coffee house turns out. You will find buttons of management in the top part of the coffee maker: inclusion/switching off, preparation of coffee, steam supply. The device is very easy to use, you will understand with little effort.

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Preparation of a cappuccino

This model is equipped built in by a metal tube for supply of hot water (Pannarello).

It is possible to look after such coffee maker, the main thing – regularly to clean a tank for water and to wash out the pallet for collecting drops. Also, during use of the car, in it the scum therefore sometimes (time in 1-2 months) there will be a need to clean the device from a scum will be formed. It is absolutely simple if you have a special means from a scum. If you follow instructions in the instruction, cleaning of your coffee assistant will not take from you a lot of time and will not demand considerable efforts.

Coffee makers from the known Italian Saeco brand is always a good choice, after all you will be able tasty and qualitatively to cook your favourite fragrant drink at any time.

Description and Characteristics of the Saeco RI9376/04 coffee machine

The convenient and simple traditional espresso machine in use is created for the real judges of espresso.


This filter guarantees a magnificent resistant Crema



Thanks to this convenient function you can store cups and glasses for espresso directly on espresso coffee machine. So they will always be near at hand and will not take a lot of place.


If it is necessary to add coffee or waters, to clear the filter or the pallet — all compartments are in       direct access for the maximum convenience.

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Pressure of a pomp is 15 bars

The high pressure allows to open all aroma of ground coffee



Technical Specifications of the Philips Saeco RI9376/04 coffee maker

1 Cupholder Yes
2 Filterholder Pressurized “Crema”
3 Interface Direct buttons
4 Pannarello Plastic
5 Colour Stainless Steel
6 Product dimensions (L x D x H) 210 x 250 x 295 millimeter
7 Water tank capacity 2.6 -Litres
8 1-year guarantee Yes
9 Boiler material Stainless steel (Inox)
10 Number of water boilers 1 boiler
11 Supported coffee types E.S.E. coffee pods, Ground coffee
12 Cupwarmer Yes
13 Hot water / Steam Nozzle Yes
14 Suitable for Kit Pods E.S.E. Yes
15 Simultaneous brewing Yes
16 Materials and finishing All Metal
17 Maximum cup height 140 millimeter
18 Product weight 6 kilogram
19 Cord length 80 centimeter
20 Voltage 120 volt
21 Country of origin Designed in Italy, Made in China
22 Water pressure in pump 15 bar (perfect espresso)

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