farberware coffee maker

By | April 20, 2013

farberware coffee maker

farberware coffee maker

farberware coffee maker

Farberware coffee makers are not only beautiful, they last very long. A friend of mine has had hers for about thirty five years. Models that have especially good reviews include the Farberware FCP240 and the Farberware FCP280. If you are in the market for a Farberware coffee maker, you have a choice of getting the two cup, four cup, six cup, eight cup, ten cup and twelve cup.

One of the more popular models of Farberware coffee machines is the Farberware FSCM100. This is a ten cup Farberware coffee maker which also has a programmable digital clock for you to be able to set a timer for preferred brewing times. Other great features include a cone-shaped swing out filter basket, a drip stop, automatic shut-off and indicators for the level of water. This coffee machine can hold up to one and a half liters of water and measures handy ten-inches by nine-inches by thirteen and a half inches. The color this particular unit comes in includes red, black, white and the traditional black. The red looks especially striking, especially when coffee fills up the pot and looks really attractive against the red Farberware coffee maker. A cup warming surface keeps your coffee hot for hours.

A great option for standard coffee makers is the Farberware FCP412 which is an elegant percolator made of stainless steel. It is in a great twelve-cup coffee maker in a pitcher shape and the rate that it brews coffee is one cup every minute. You would think that such and efficient brewing machine would lack for beauty, but not so with this Farberware coffee maker. After brewing cup after cup of flavorful coffee, this machine switches to a warm temperature rather than a hot temperature. The cup warming surface keeps your great brew warm hour after hour.

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Another notable unit is the Farberware FSU236 which makes up to thirty-six cups of coffee. This unit is great to have in the office or at Thanksgiving dinners for large families. There is a built-in grinder and a pause and serve function. The elegant stainless steel body is very attractive and classic-looking, which I especially love.

For classic coffee maker lovers, the Farberware FCM12SS comes in a sleek stainless steel and black classic coffee maker shape. It has a large twelve-cup capacity and a programmable twenty-four hour digital clock. The adjustable ‘pause and pour’ feature means no spills when you interrupt brewing time and get yourself a cup to try. Automatic shut off and water level indicators help you make sure your water-coffee ratio is accurate.

The carafe, which is made of glass, is thankfully made of really thick glass. The lid is made in such a way you don’t feel any steam as you pour the coffee. This particular machine also gives you the option of choosing a stronger brew, for people who are just not into mild coffee. The two-hour auto shut-off is great for people who always forget to turn off the coffee maker.

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