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By | November 27, 2015

Why Should Choose An Under Cabinet Coffee Maker?

Nowadays, even there are several coffee shops designed, people still love to have an under cabinet coffee maker to make their own delicious and hot coffee. It is a wonderful thing. Like money of you, I also choose a coffee maker because of 2 reasons. It makes hot and good coffee and it also saves space on your kitchen countertop. This is the reason why manufactures of under cabinet coffee makers try hard to satisfy these 2 criteria. Of course, they also understand that most of us need a spacious home; therefore we are always looking for smaller items, which can help make us happy.

So, Why Should You Choose An under Cabinet Coffee Maker?

Ok, and now I would like to show you several advantages of choosing an under cabinet coffee maker, which are:

1.      Sneak-a-cup-features
Several under cabinet coffee makers are an ideal for those that are always in hurry in every morning and they do not want to miss their own favorite coffee cup before going. Because of this feature, the brewing cycle may be paused, therefore you can fill if your coffee cup even if the whole process is not finished yet. In addition, with this type of machine, you will no longer to take the carafe out because there is a separate device in order to take charge of that fast pour.

2.      Cup Capacity
Even they appear small; under cabinet coffee maker still has great pour thermal carafe, which can cover up to 12 cups of coffee.

3.      Design
The type of coffee maker has a variety of sleek designs as well as color choices containing black, white and stainless steel. Also, it is a good idea for choosing stales units.

4.      Ease Of Installation
A coffee maker should be easy to install. In addition, they can be placed on your counter top or under the cabinet.

5.      Auto Shut-off feature
An under cabinet coffee maker has the auto shut-off feature. After brewing our coffee, still it will turn off automatically to help you save electricity.

6.       Timer
Coffee makers include 24-hour programmable timer, therefore you can set it to make coffee right before leaving for work. Due to it, you will save time to do other activities.

In the Coffee maker market, I highly appreciate 2 products that promise to help you have delicious and hot coffee cups, containing:

  • Black & Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker 8-Cup Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe
  • Brewmatic Built-In Coffee Maker – Digital Controls (Brushed Stainless Steel) (7″H x 13″W x 7.5″D)

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 1.      Black & Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker 8-Cup Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe

under cabinet coffee maker

With this Black & Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker 8-Cup Coffeemaker with you will have fresh and delicious coffees just with the push of a button.

Of course, the stainless coffee maker is an idea for commuters, offices as well as single cup drinkers, when you can brew it into a travel mug directly for on-the-go convenience.

In addition, the under cabinet coffee maker also connects to a water line directly, so it is an instant source of the hot water; perfect for soups, teas, hot chocolate as well as other needs. Amazingly, the beautiful stainless steel construction also helps to enhance your kitchen decor while you can still free up counter space. Also, the water is heated to optimum temperature in order to guarantee the perfect extraction while the commercial spray head will perfectly saturate coffee grounds.

Furthermore, the result is that you have is a high café quality cup of coffee in the comfort of home! The model also features an automatic brew time a digital clock as well as 3 programmable volume buttons. Honestly commercial in both components and design, the Brewmatic Built-In Coffee Appliance is also built to last for several years; and this one could be your last coffee maker that you will ever need.

This under cabinet coffee maker is made in the USA and it has stainless steel 64 ounce carafe and measures 10″ High x 5.25″ Diameter. In addition, this coffee maker is packed of 1,000 commercial-grade 12-cup filters available separately.


  • The under cabinet coffee maker has the backlit digital control panel that is very easy to read as well as operate.
  • The model comes with a two-year manufacturer’s limited warranty for the added peace of mind
  • Its compact design is very perfect for using in small kitchens
  • The one also comes with an auto brew technology  as well as freshness indicator conveniently
  • This model is very easy to install with detailed instructions as well as a pre-sized mounting template
  • It also features a modern look and clean with a sleek black as well as stainless steel exterior


  • This under cabinet coffee maker may not keep the coffee hot too long.
  • Its carafe cover mechanism sometimes gets stuck


Warning: There are just only 4 left in stock, so quickly to buy it to get best under cabinet coffee maker for your hourse!

2. Brewmatic Built-In Coffee Maker – Digital Controls (Brushed Stainless Steel) (7″H x 13″W x 7.5″D)

under cabinet coffee maker

Brewmatic coffee maker covers 3 programmable volume buttons, a digital clock as well as an automatic brew time. The under the counter coffee maker is also designed to last for some years to guarantee that it can serve you for a long time

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This under counter coffee maker also has a 64 ounce stainless steel carafe measuring 10 inches high by 5.25 inches diameter. Also, there is a pack of 12-cup filters that are sold separately.

The Brewmatic under counter Built-In Coffee Maker is quite easy to assemble that is another plus for this item. This model is good for you to use for making teas, hot soups, chocolate, as well as other stuff that you want


  • The coffee maker is made of stainless steel letting it compliment any kitchen decoration easily to suit your needs.
  • This under counter coffee maker will allow you brew into your travel mug directly to offer you the added convenience.
  • Also, it can connect to the water line directly that will make it a fast hot water source.
  • While the stainless under the counter coffee maker can let you save space, also it can help you to have many cups of good tasting coffee with an easy push of a button.


  • This under counter coffee maker is quite expensive
  • It can just keep your coffee hot in a short time.


Final Thoughts

Lastly, I would like to confirm that both coffee makers are good for you to have delicious cup of coffee, but I love Black & Decker SDC850 SpaceMaker 8-Cup Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe very much (read black and decker SDC850 coffee maker review). Actually, nowadays many people are using this model and they give good feelings about it. This maker can help you have hot and delicious coffee and save your space in your own kitchen. In addition, this under cabinet coffee maker comes with several features that I think you will love it like me.

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In the Amazon, you can find out the Black & Decker maker and I highly advice you to buy it today to receive the free shipping and best inexpensive price. Let’s decide now and do not slip your chance away!