gaggia 90500 titanium super automatic espresso machine

By | November 26, 2014

Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine: Espresso Making at its Finest

State-of-the-art technology, durable stainless steel construction, and solid reputation in manufacturing espresso makers: these are what you can expect from the products in the Gaggia Titanium line. Particularly, the Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine offers just exactly the features that every coffee enthusiasts looks for in an espresso maker.

Rapid Steam Technology: The Gaggia 9500 Titanium espresso machine comes equipped with a lot of high-tech and useful features. One that’s worthy of mention here is the Rapid Steam technology, a system consisting of two boilers that make your cup of espresso ready in just a few seconds. Found only in espresso machines for commercial use, this system is designed to reduce the time you will spend waiting between brewing and steaming. You will find this feature extremely useful when you serve coffee to multiple guests at home or to numerous customers in your coffee shop.

Stainless Steel Construction: Even if you use it for years and brew thousands of cups of coffee, the Gaggia 9500 will still perform as if it is brand new. Thanks to its durable stainless steel construction, this espresso maker can last for a long time. Also, its detachable brewing unit makes the machine longer lasting than others in the market.

Easy-to-Read LCD Display: A clear blue LCD screen provides you with essential information on the brewing process and programming such as the water temperature, and the number of cups that have been brewed. The LCD display also alerts you when you need to clean the machine. How’s that for convenience?

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Turbo Frothing Wand: The turbo frothing wand is the Gaggia espresso machine’s magic wand: it allows easy steaming and frothing of milk for café lattes and cappuccinos.

Other Convenient Features: With just a press of a button, the Gaggia 90500 automatically makes coffee and serves hot water for tea or hot chocolate. This smart espresso machine comes with seven programmable buttons that are pressed to activate most of its features like the three volume settings, five temperature settings, and an on/off timer.

Two Versions: The Gaggia 90500 Titanium espresso machine comes in two versions: the Gaggia Titanium Super-Automatic and the Gaggia Titanium Plus Super-Automatic. The Titanium Plus, which is the newer model also known as the 90505, has a system called E. Plus that enables you to adjust the coffee’s strength by just a turn of a dial.

Another difference of the Titanium Plus from the Titanium Super-Automatic lies on the capacity of their water tank. The former can hold more water than the latter because of its 64-oz. water tank. On the other hand, the Super-Automatic version has a 44-oz. water tank. Located on top of the machine, the water tank in both models can be refilled either in place or by removing it and taking it to a water source.

Bang For The Buck: Without a doubt, the Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic espresso machine provides bang for your buck mainly because of its many convenient and high-end features that you would rarely find in other coffee makers in the market today. Find A Dreaming Espresso Machine!

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