Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine

By | February 10, 2015

gaggia 1003380 accademia coffee machine

Integrated ceramic burr grinder, pre-infusion, and automatic milk frothing in this super-automatic

Our Review
The Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine is one of the best super-automatic machines on the market. It has everything included, such as a burr grinder, bean hopper and coffee grounds container.
Everything is operated from the touch of a button, and you can make any coffee drink imaginable, including caffe lungos, espressos and lattes. The Accademia is futuristic and offers forward-thinking features such as rinsing cycles before and after brewing, a built-in frothing wand and fully adjustable spout (yes, you can even fit in a 16-ounce mug)! From the time you set eyes on this lovely machine, you’ll know that you’ve found “the one.”

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 11 x 16 x 14.6 inches
  • Color: Stainless steel
  • Drinks: Espresso, coffee, cappuccino, caffe, caffe lungo, latte, latte macchiato, hot water
  • Features: Ceramic burr grinder, bean hopper, integrated coffee grounds container, programmable options, pre-brewing system, adjustable coffee dispenser

gaggia accademia espresso machine
What are the Pros?
The Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine is in a class of its own. It’s a super-automatic machine that executes pure brilliance with convenience. This beautiful rendition didn’t get to the top of its class based on good looks alone.

It has a stainless steel front, durable metal frame and vivid display to follow when making your favorite specialty brews. The programmable one-touch button does just about everything you would want it to, including espresso, hot water and milk. Really, all you have to do is push the type of drink you want, and the machine will deliver the results you’re looking for.

gaggia accademia espresso machine review

Of course, at a nearly $2,000 price tag, there has to be more than just good looks and high performance.
And there is. While the machine is a super-automatic, you can control the coffee strength, amount of water and amount of milk.

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The bean container is sealed so that beans stay fresher longer, the frothing container is easy to use, the machine rinses itself both before and after cycles and the adjustable coffee spout has endless heights. The machine also comes with high-quality filters, a built-in frothing wand and a removable brew group.


What are the Cons?
First and foremost, the cost on the Accademia is very high, and it exceeds what most budgets allow. Even if you can afford the price tag on this machine, it’s a big investment, and it’s not surprising that you would worry about getting your money’s worth. The water tank is quite small and needs to be refilled often, and the machine is quite particular as to which coffee beans it will take. Many super-automatics are touchy with oily beans, and the Accademia is no exception.

gaggia 1003380 accademia coffee machine
Another drawback is the drip tray, which fills quickly and needs to be emptied out on a regular basis. Some reviewers have also been unhappy with the milk temperature. By design, the machine cannot product hot milk drinks without you having to manually steam the drink. These are very small inconveniences however, and the majority of reviewers have left the Accademia with excellent reviews.


How Does it Compare to Other Gaggia Espresso Makers?
A slightly less expensive option is the Gaggia Platinum Vision Espresso Machine. It’s comparable to the Accademia in the fact that the Platinum Vision is high-end, made from stainless steel parts, has a 1300-watt boiler and unique milk island. From the touch of one button, you can also control grinding, dosing and brewing options. A few factors that set the two apart are the Rapid Steam Boiler, digital touch pad, cup warmer and electronic cup lift.

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Since the Accademia is on the high-end, it’s hard to compare this machine to more expensive Gaggia espresso makers. Slightly more expensive is the Gaggia TS Espresso Machine that looks like it’s straight out of the future.

The difference between this machine is that it’s commercial-grade and made from professional construction, components and capabilities. It can be used at home or for light commercial use, and the operation will not be as simplistic as what the Accademia offers with its one-touch controls. For less money, most people will enjoy the user-friendly Accademia.

gaggia 1003380 accademia coffee machine

Final Verdict
The Gaggia Accademia is not for the budget-conscious, and its price tag is probably its biggest drawback. Otherwise, this machine really is brilliant and has plenty to offer. The one-touch control is ingenious and makes brewing specialty drinks enjoyable and hassle free. The Accademia also offers a lot of pieces in one, including a bean hopper, burr grinder and coffee grounds container, freeing up precious counter space and being most efficient. For serious coffee drinkers, the Accademia will prove to be a worthwhile investment.

List Price


Sale Price


You Save $1,399.01 (47%)

Just select your desired beverage from one of seven dedicated buttons

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