gaggia brera espresso machine

By | October 16, 2014

Gaggia Brera Superautomatic Espresso Machine

It will take patience and time to learn the ropes, making the Brera ideal for espresso enthusiasts who have these criteria to give.

Our Review
The Gaggia Brera Super-Automatic Espresso Machine is where technology and brilliance come together. If you’re tired of drinking bitter coffee, the Brera will change your lifestyle for the better. These espresso machines have complex filtration systems to remove impurities and produce full-flavored coffee thanks to a pre-infusion feature. The Brera doesn’t fall short on technology either, giving espresso lovers plenty to experiment with.

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Key Features
The Brera is an Italian espresso maker, so you can expect to see a lot of Italian influence on the machine. What makes the coffee taste superior to even some of the best espresso makers is the four-way filtration system that removes impurities and reduces scale. As you may know from other espresso machines, once scale builds up, it can severely alter the taste of the coffee. The Brera also has a unique pre-infusion feature that pulls the flavors and aromas from the beans. When it’s time to care for the machine, it will notify you of what needs to be done, and environmentalists will enjoy the low energy consumption that the machine uses as it goes into standby mode after one hour.

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The Pros
As with some of the best espresso machines in its class, the Brera also makes the perfect coffee at the perfect temperature. It pulls full-bodied shots of espresso, and all beverages are made quickly and efficiently. The machine is fairly easy to use, and thanks to its moderate price range, all espresso enthusiasts will have something to appreciate on the Brera. It’s very lightweight, making it easy to move and clean around, but this comes from the fact that the machine is made from plastic instead of steel housing.

The Cons
While some espresso machine reviews find the plastic housing to be an advantage since it keeps the price of the Brera down, others see it as a major disadvantage. And because of the high temperatures that the machine reaches, some people have reported that plastic started to peel in some areas. There are also some issues with the types of coffee beans used because oily varieties tend to get stuck in the hopper. Like any high-tech coffee machine, you’ll have to do plenty of experimenting before you find what works, which is one reason why this machine is better for non-beginners.


If you would prefer a machine that’s made from stainless steel, the Saeco Syntia Automatic Espresso Maker is a great buy. It costs slightly more but has a rugged construction and better espresso machine reviews compared to the Brera. If you’re not willing to shell out so much money for an espresso maker however, you’ll find the Breville Barista Express to be a great alternative. These coffee and espresso machines include a burr grinder, ThermoBlock pump and filtration system and are rated highly among some of the best espresso machines in their price range.

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Final Verdict
The Brera is made by Gaggia, a company that produces some of the best espresso machines on the market. While it certainly has a lot to offer in terms of its unique filtration and flavor extraction systems, reviews remain varied on the performance and consistency of these coffee and espresso machines. It will take patience and time to learn the ropes, making the Brera ideal for espresso enthusiasts who have these criteria to give.

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