good home espresso machine

By | March 3, 2015

Saeco Syntia Stainless Steel Automatic Espresso Machine

good home espresso machine
The Syntia is among the best espresso machines on the market in that it uses quality parts, steel housing and programmable features

Our Review

The Saeco Syntia Stainless Steel Automatic Espresso Machine is a surefire way to perk up your mornings. It has a tri-colored digital display, programmable brewing cycle and stainless steel housing. The machine is well thought out and has its features accessible from the front panel. Even the bean hopper is covered to keep consistent with the sleek and modern design of these espresso makers. And once you find your favorite coffee settings with the Syntia, you can store them into the memory option.

Key Features

The Syntia is a unique machine in that it offers a lot of practical features, but the coffee maker is still kept simple so that espresso lovers from all skill levels can appreciate these espresso machines. One of the best features is the digital display that uses three different colors so you can easily navigate through the menu. The parts of the Syntia are high-quality and include a ceramic disc grinder with automatic shut-off and programmable brewing cycles that inject hot water onto the coffee beans so they taste their best. Other highlights include a 40-ounce water tank, coffee bean hopper and pre-ground bypass coffee doser.

The Pros

One of the best perks to these espresso machines is their ultra-sleek design. Even though the Syntia is a commercial-grade machine that has an attached bean hopper, it doesn’t have a block-like structure like many other coffee and espresso machines in its class. The bean hopper is stored on the top and through the back of the design while all the features are accessible from the front panel. The Syntia is like some of the best espresso machines on the market in that it uses quality parts, steel housing and programmable features so you can make your favorite cup of coffee using short or long coffee settings.

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good home espresso machine
The Cons

There are a few limitations to these coffee and espresso machines, but depending on how you drink your coffee, you may not see them as being limitations at all. For example, the water tank is rather small at 40-ounces, whereas some of the best espresso machines have 60-ounce water tanks. If you fill your reservoir regularly, you’ll be filling the Syntia even more. Also, you can only make about 8-ounce cups of coffee as a maximum, not 12-ounce cups like with other machines. The good news is that your morning coffee will not be watered down according to espresso machine reviews.


In a similar category is the DeLonghi Magnifica Digital Super-Automatic Espresso and Coffee Machine. Although more expensive, this machine offers five settings for coffee strength, can fill 12-ounce cups and includes a conical burr grinder. If you enjoy products by Saeco and are looking to spend less, you’ll find the Saeco Vienna Plus Super-Automatic Espresso Machine to be a nice fit. It’s not made from stainless steel, but it does have a lot of great features like an included bean hopper, adjustable doser, removable brew group and plenty of pump pressure and power.

Final Verdict

The Saeco Syntia Stainless Steel Automatic Espresso Machine is a beautiful, well-built coffee machine that you’re sure to enjoy. Espresso machine reviews rave about the performance, quality and quiet operation of the machine that both espresso novices and connoisseurs will appreciate. These coffee and espresso machines are investments, but they will complement your coffee drinking style with their ease of operation and programmable features.

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Price $389.99

Average Customer Rating ->>>3.7

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