Grind and Brew Coffee Makers for Dummies

By | May 8, 2014

Grind and Brew Coffee Makers for Dummies

Most people think there is only one type of coffee maker. Many times the automatic coffee maker or espresso machine are the most commonly known. Of course, the choices vary with so many products on the market. There are dual coffee makers, stainless steel coffee makers even affordable commercial coffee makers. Machines range from 1 cup coffee makers all the way to 14 cup coffee makers.

Some newer coffee makers make the older models look like antiques. But are still being used by those who prefer the coffee produced.

A perfect example is the percolator style coffee makers. There are two types of percolator style coffee makers, the stove top model and the electric percolator. Both of them work by circulating boiling water over the coffee grounds and through a metal filter repeatedly. Many think this style of coffee making literally leaves you the bad taste in your mouth. They think the percolator produces bitter tasting coffee whether using gourmet coffee, whole coffee or some low-grade generic coffee.

The automatic drip coffee maker is probably the most used coffee maker. This coffee maker works a little different producing coffee by heating water that in turn runs over the coffee grounds. Hot water seeps through the coffee and the filter in the bin and drips into an awaiting pot or carafe. Most of the time the coffee makers have heating pads on the bottom to keep the coffee warm. Some models are known as thermal coffee makers which allows the coffee drinker to brew a pot of coffee right into a carafe for coffee on the go.

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The American buyer is usually the one to purchase the automatic drip coffee makers and the best coffee beans. This type of automatic coffee maker also has the versatility to make from 1 to usually 12 cups of coffee at a time. There are also specialized one cup coffee makers which make use of the automatic drip method. The automatic drip coffee maker uses disposable filters. The espresso coffee maker comes in two versions for the consumer, stovetop and electric.

The least expensive of the bunch is the stovetop model. The stovetop espresso maker is not limited in mobility and because it is highly portable fits the needs of many coffee drinkers. Sometimes you find powdery granules in your cup after using a stovetop espresso coffee maker. This just means that you have to work that much harder to get a perfect cup of coffee.

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