How to Brew Coffee at Home

By | April 17, 2018

How to Brew Coffee at Home?

make coffee at home
It’s clear that the joy of consuming coffee at your favorite cafe is undoubtedly unparalleled to the home-brewing experience. Although, there is a distinct need to indicate that, if approached correctly, it’s more than possible to ensure the same level of quality while making the coffee all by yourself. Thus, it makes a perfect sense to engage in such an endeavor, although there is a distinct need to realize that making drinks at home can be a pretty expensive investment, especially if it’s connected to the specialty-based ones. Nevertheless, there is some kind news to tell as the manual process of brewing is regarded as affordable to all the interested parties. To this end, you better delve into this article for the purpose of figuring out everything crucial in connection to the process, ranging from immersion to the filtering of coffee as a matter of the fact.

Picking The Right Coffee Beans

Before starting to go further into the process of brewing coffee, it’s important to, at first, focus on choosing the coffee beans that would be personally appealing to your taste preferences. Do you enjoy the nutty notes? Or maybe the chocolate connotation is what makes you aroused? Truly, it’s helpful to have a general glimpse of all of your desires to make the final choice. On the other hand, it may be useful to ask the local barista for the assistance; usually, he or she may be able even to recommend you the kind of beans you have been consuming before, which is plain awesome!

All the while, if there is an obvious need for being specific, then it’s reasonable to check how dark the beans are and where they are initially from. Such knowledge would ultimately ensure that you’re moving in the right direction as a matter of fact. Still, picking the right coffee beans is just a first step in the everlasting coffee brewing process, although it’s one of the most vital ones, affecting the outcome.

Some of the Coffee Storing Tips

Any skilled barista can confidently assure you that storing the coffee has a quite a bit of influence on its final taste for the apparent reasons. First of all, it’s clear that the coffee is a natural product and has a shelf life, needed to be followed. Secondly, to ensure the quality of the product, there is an obligation to keep the coffee beans in the airtight, perhaps even vacuum, container and keep them away from the extreme temperatures and the negative influence of the sunlight. Finally, one needs to remember to forget the idea of putting coffee in the fridge as it is going to destroy the uniqueness of the aroma with all the others smells absorbing into the beans. These simple tips will, without doubts, help you not to mess up while preparing for the coffee making.

Filters And The Equipment For Brewing

Without a single doubt, there is a vast abundance of the equipment that can be used for the brewing purposes. This ultimately means that it’s easy to get lost while on the lookout and creates a need for the structured and organized approach. To this end, it’s reasonable to claim that, as for the beginner, the main things of the focus should be the flavor profile and the ease of using the coffee machine.

It’s recommended by the majority of the baristas to consider between the Kalita Wave and Hario V60 as for the filter over brew appliances, and focus on French Press and Clever if talking about the immersion devices. Those machines were challenged by the overwhelming brewing for a long time, which is why they are regarded as reliable tools during the overall process.

As for the filters, it doesn’t carry a lot of significance which one to use, which eases the process for the majority of the beginners. You can order the first one you see in the store or ask the local barista for the recommendations.

It’s also worthwhile to notice that the recommendations should not be the sole factors in making the final choice. On the opposite, there are various distinct and innovative equipment options available on the market as well as the ones, explicitly designed for the highly-skilled baristas. However, it’s clear that in the context of home, it’s better not to waste the overwhelming amount of resources but rather secure the flawless aspect of the process.

Main Equipment Tips to Bear In Mind

At all times, regardless of the time of the day, the equipment should be safely stored and washed clean before even attempting to brew the coffee by oneself. It’s helpful to follow the simple procedure as described by the majority of the baristas: wash everything periodically to avoid tasting the outdated coffee oils in the cups of coffee.

Before using the filters, there is a need to use the hot water to remove the disgusting taste of paper when they are stored on a regular basis. This will ultimately establish the grounds for the clean taste of coffee.

Finally, it’s vital to realize that the temperatures of the equipment should, without doubts, fully match. For instance, if the cold water meets itself with the hot brewing device, it’s going to instantly heat itself up, which may create some discomfort regarding the overall taste. As a general rule of thumb, your temperatures should always match, which is going to secure the flawless experience and thus taste.

Choosing the Grinder

In regards to the choice of the grinder, everything is crystal clear: the fresher the grinder is, the less there is a need to worry about the bad taste. Partially, this also follows the ideology of buying oneself the beans of choice and grinding them for forming the right taste of the coffee in the long-term perspective.

Before considering the burr and blade grinder, there is a need to specify its technical specializations. Simply speaking, in the world of coffee, the burr grinders are regarded as the most exceptional one if comparing to the counterparts. As for the justification, baristas actively advocate that the coffee is more consistent because of its even spread. Although, as often as it happens, the burr grinders are mostly more expensive than the blade ones, which may pose some limitations to the beginners.

Nevertheless, the general rule dictates that the high extraction coming from the surface area is easily solvable with the grinder size. In the end, the grinder has a quite a considerable influence on the coffee regarding taste: if it’s too bitter, then the grinder is coarser and the same works in proportion.

Grinding is an integral part of the brewing, primarily by the extraction, but it’s not the main one, affecting everything. Still, if one needs to make coffee at home, then the grinder is imperative to have.

The Basic Grinding Tips

Without the slightest hesitation, every amateur should realize that he or she needs to grind for as long as it takes for the brewing. In general, it should take no longer than the fifteen minutes in total as a general rule of the thumb. Simultaneously, the equipment should be all set and clean at all times to not affect the taste of the coffee in the long-term perspective.

Scale And The Temperature

The recipe and the scale is as individual as it may get, which is why it is fully dependent on all of your preferences in the world of coffee making. In simple terms, however, the scale requires you to ultimately measure the amount of coffee and water to use either through the volume or weight method. Regarding the latter option, it’s possible to stay consistent and on track if following all of the guidelines carefully. Pretty much, that’s the type of method every coffee shop uses to eliminate the need for double-checking and overwhelming oneself with the volume technique.

As for temperature, one should focus on securing the temperatures in a way that allows shaping the brewing preference in any possible way you may enjoy. All of the skilled baristas recommend the range between the ninety and ninety-six degree Celsius, although it all depends on what coffee you’re using after all. Primarily speaking, the more significant there is a need for extraction, the more excellent there should be the overall temperature. Even though it may sound unnecessary, it’s incredibly easy to feel how the temperature affects the taste of one’s coffee if doing some experimenting.

Timing Options

As silly as it sounds, the timing of the brewing can be crucial for the coffee’s flavor. Regardless of the recipe you intend to use, you need to make sure that you are keeping track of the minutes, and even seconds, that it takes. Fortunately enough, the abundance of people nowadays have timers on their phones, which makes it easier for everyone, for sure. As for the taste, it’s possible to manipulate with filters to make the coffee more bitter, acidic, or simply more flavourous, depending on the need.

Brewing The Coffee Without A Coffee Machine

Coffee bean export
As usually claimed by the baristas, two obvious ways are making the coffee with the help of the following methods and small kitchen appliances. What distinguishes those methods, though, is whether you have the filter set and ready that will allow for the makeshift pour-over. On the opposite, it’s possible to use the French Press option with the help of the immersion technique.

Push-Over Method:

  1. Dip the filter with the boiling or hot water and insert the rinsing water
  2. Scope a tablespoon of coffee for each cup that’s desired to be made
  3. Start grinding your coffee on the medium sand-like grind
  4. If the beans are fresh, wet the grounds with water and wait for more than thirty seconds
  5. Start pouring the remaining water after the waiting period
  6. Follow the procedure by intervals

If being consistent with the technique described above, it’s possible to land oneself a freshly smelling coffee that’s going to only leave the definite taste after the brewing. Besides, the pure feeling of making oneself a coffee, instead of getting it in the shop, will surely make your day!

French Press:

Without having an available filter lying near you, it’s the only possible option for making the coffee without a coffee machine as it follows.

  1. Measure a tablespoon coffee for each cup of desired coffee
  2. Start grinding the coffee until it resembles a sea salt
  3. Wet the coffee with water and wait for thirty seconds
  4. Pour the rest water
  5. Leave the coffee resting straight for five minutes
  6. Wait until the coffee gets evenly brewed

If following the rules of such a procedure, there is almost a hundred percent guarantee that the coffee will be fresh and tasty. Not to forget to mention the fact that the method has been proven trustworthy and reliable among the highly skilled baristas.

  1. Making A Coffee With A Coffee Maker

There is a straightforward way of making a coffee with the help of the coffee maker, which is not that hard to follow. First of all, it’s essential to choose the type of coffee you desire to make, including the flavor beans. Secondly, you have to add the appropriate amount of water to the machine (the standard one is six fluid ounces). Thirdly, you need to do your measurements to avoid getting into the unpleasant situation regarding taste. Finally, you have to choose the regime on the coffee maker machine and start making your coffee. The process is as simple as long as you have all of the required ingredients and equipment described above in the article.

Final Thoughts And A Piece Of Advice

Before starting to delve into the world of making coffee, it’s essential to do the robust amount of research as indicated in this article. This will ultimately ensure the top-notch quality of the outcome and will make you believe in your power in making a coffee. Not to forget to mention the fact that the process of brewing the coffee for oneself is less expensive than ordering the drink each time while at the cafeteria. Thankfully enough, the entire process can be done without much of the guidance and leave only the vivid memories of the person, making the coffee. After all, it’s surprisingly easy to delve into all of the technical specializations and furthermore ensure the flawless experience regarding the high-quality coffee. To this end, you better not hesitate and start your journey into the world of unlimited possibilities.  Don’t forget about cleaning everything thereafter!

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