how to buy an espresso machine

By | November 16, 2013

how to buy an espresso machine

how to buy an espresso machine

how to buy an espresso machine

If you love espresso as much as I do then you may be planning to buy a new espresso machine. If so, and you are looking for some suggestions and recommendations, I can help.

I have reviewed hundreds of espresso machines and I will share as much information as possible about what I think are the finest espresso machines available in each category, and at several price points. In addition, I will point you in the direction of the best values from the most reliable and trustworthy online retailers.

Different Type of Espresso Machines

To begin, you will want to decide what kind of espresso machine suits your needs and budget the best. Most people choose between these four types of machines:

  • A steam-driven espresso machine – These don’t really make true espresso. More like strong coffee. But they are the most affordable priced between $40 and $75. Read more
  • Electric pump-driven espresso machine – These machines make real espresso. Topped with thick, velvety créma. These machines can be further divided into two sub-types. Read more
  • Semi automatic espresso machine – You are in control of certain elements of the brewing process. Requires somewhat more skill. Priced between $200 and $1,200 Read more
  • Super automatic espresso machine – Fill with roasted coffee beans and water and push a button. Making a perfect espresso is that easy. Priced between $1,200 and $3,000 Read more
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Although they are a little more expensive I would recommend choosing a semi automatic espresso machine or super automatic espresso machine. If you know the difference between a real shot of espresso and a strong cup of coffee you will not be satisfied with a steam driven espresso machine.

Features That Make a Great Espresso Machine

There are a few things that determine whether an espresso machine is good, and they are:

Made by a reputable manufacturer
Quality design and construction
Ease of use
Quick heating boilers
Double boiler system
Easy access to brew group and reservoir
Easy to clean
Sturdy and replaceable parts

If you focus on these major product features you will be able to choose a very good machine. Beware that you may find “inexpensive” machines that appear to offer the same features as a more expensive machines. In the end these machines turn out to be of much lesser quality and are problematic. No machine is perfect, but my recommended machines will include many, if not all of the above features.

Accessories You Might Need

If you decide to get a semi automatic espresso machine, then you will need to purchase a coffee bean grinder. Bean grinders aren’t built into the semi automatic machines like they are with super automatic espresso machines. Check out my recommendations of best coffee grinders from the list below if you need a coffee grinder too.

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Don’t scrimp when it comes time to buy a coffee grinder. One of the secrets to creating a great espresso is to have a good grinder. Poorly ground coffee beans will not produce the same taste of a Starbucks espresso shot, and the shots may taste excessively bitter. Very typically the problem is we haven’t used a good quality bean grinder. And pre-ground coffee, although it will work, will never taste as good as fresh grinding your own coffee beans using a good quality coffee bean coffee grinder. If you want to make great espresso shots then start with a great grinder!


As you know I am an admitted espresso fanatic. I spend a lot of my time surfing websites about espresso and espresso machines. I Hope You Enjoy Your New Espresso Machine

I hope the above espresso machine reviews summaries have proven to be helpful in your choosing the perfect espresso machine for your taste and budget. I know that when you’ve purchased your own machine and begin to enjoy your daily espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos, which you have made for mere pennies per cup, that you will be in coffee-lovers heaven.
how to choose espresso machine

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