how to clean a coffee maker

By | April 18, 2013

how to clean a coffee maker

how to clean a coffee maker
No matter what coffee maker you buy, whether it is a one cup, a twelve cup or a six cup machine, and whether it is a cappuccino or espresso maker or both, you will need to clean it at some point. Cleaning coffee maker techniques vary from one brand to the next. It is important to remember, however, that consistent cleaning is necessary for all coffee makers. Not just coffee residue but water build up in the reservoir can shorten the life of your appliance. If the water you regularly use is hard, an option is to switch to distilled water which does not contain any impurities.

Use vinegar for cleaning coffee maker units.

how to clean a coffee maker

how to clean a coffee maker

Vinegar is acidic enough to penetrate and remove the build up made from both the water and the coffee. Vinegar gets rid of lime scale, oil buildup and mineral build up. It is natural and does not have toxic residues. For automatic coffee makers and semi-automatic coffee makers, more cleaning is required. Each coffee maker has its own cleaning instructions that are printed on the manual, but there are basic steps need to be followed for cleaning coffee maker parts.

First, take the mesh filter out of the coffee maker and empty it into the garbage bin. Then, soak this in pure undiluted vinegar. Any brand of vinegar will do. Next, soak the coffee pot or carafe in a bowl of vinegar as well for about half an hour. Fill the water reservoir with vinegar and run the machine. This will remove the residue build up inside the coffee machine which, left untreated, will result in a clogged coffee maker. Rinse out the coffee pot twice to make sure you get rid of all the grit. Run the vinegar through the machine two more times, using new vinegar each time. The last step is to run de-ionized water through the machine to get all the vinegar out.

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There are some models of automatic or super automatic machines which are self-cleaning. You can program the cleaner according to the instructions found in the manual on how often you need your machine cleaned.

how to clean a coffee maker

how to clean a coffee maker

There are also available in the market today, a lot of cleaning products which offer a lot of guarantees written in the gorgeous packaging. These products claim you will end up with a better, more efficient machine when you use these coffee maker cleaning products. The ingredient used in these commercial cleaners are normally de-scaling ingredients made of acid. In purchasing these products, make sure you read the ingredients and precautionary measures when start using them.

Cleaning coffee maker units need to be done regularly.
Cleaning once every few weeks should do it. I clean my coffee maker consistently every first of the month, just to be able to be on a schedule. Many people dilute the vinegar but I personally use undiluted pure vinegar, as this works best for me for the purpose of de-scaling. A friend of mine mixes a tablespoon of baking soda in two cups of water and runs it through like vinegar. She claims it works like a charm removing any stale coffee stains and smells. I personally am pretty sold on the vinegar, though.

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Good luck and good shopping

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