How to Use a French Press

By | May 23, 2014

Brewing Style Holds the Key to Success

A French press coffee maker is actually a very simple device and one that is far simpler than even the standard brewed coffee that sits in most kitchens today. The reason why French press is much easier to create can be found in the way the coffee is brewed. (more info or buy)

The French method requires a coarser ground than does a regular more standard drip-brew coffee filter. The finer grounds would seep through the press filter and totally infiltrate the coffee. This is why a thicker, coarser coffee ground is necessary for the brewing of a French pressed coffee.

how to use french press
Instructions on Brewing with a French Press Coffee Pot

  • Fill the Beaker with 3/4 Beaker Hot Water
  • Stir in 2 Tablespoons of French Coffee Grounds
  • Depress Plunger to Trap Coffee Grounds at Bottom of Beaker
  • Strain Brewed Coffee through Mesh Filter and Enjoy!

It is important to remember a few finer points about a French press coffee brew. The first is that ½ liter of French coffee is considered unfit for human consumption after 20 minutes of sitting. This leads to the next obvious factor and that is the point that French coffee is best enjoyed after being pressed.

One of the great benefits of a French press apparatus is it can be taken virtually anywhere!
One of the greatest ways to enjoy a nice steaming cup of French press coffee is to add a little sugar; a little whipped cream and sit back and enjoy!

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How To Make Cappuccino Using French Press

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